What do you call it....

Hello everyone

I figured out a move yesterday where you reach down grab the wheel with your hands and then take your feet off the pedals.

I know I’m not the first to do this move, although I have never seen it done before. So what do you call it? A Handstall? Hand Grab to Nofooter. I kinda like Handstall, but I was just interested in what you guys call it.


I’d call it a tubeslap.


Here’s a variation for you to work on if you’d like. Brad is working on this one, Ben has accomplished it.

Seat out front at a 45 degree angle (holding the frame with the toes), grab the tire and hop (feet on pedals).


Tubeslap? hmm, I could see that if you just smack the tire with your hand, perhaps I didnt make it clear that I was holding the wheel only with my hand and removed both feet from the pedals at the same time. but if thats what its called I guess thats what I’m doing. And poorly mind you :stuck_out_tongue:

Yoopers I tried doing the Hand plant hop that you described, its quite hard. I give some props to your kids for figuring out how to do that too. Its deffenatlly something I’m gonna try to pratice. Thanks for the idea though its allways fun to try something new.

Doesn’t Adam Ryznar do that in UNiverse at the trials portion of the film?

Cool Move, is it easier on a 20" or 24"?

Work the maze.

The trick can be seen a few times during Universe. The trick first occurs at 7 minutes and 59 seconds into the movie, and later at 26 minutes and 5 seconds into the movie.

Re: What do you call it…

I can do this trick, but I find it hurts my groin, alot.


Re: What do you call it…

> Doesn’t Adam Ryznar do that in UNiverse at the trials portion of the
> film?

I think AccordNSX nailed the answer pretty definatively on that one :wink:

> Cool Move, is it easier on a 20" or 24"?

It’s definately easier on a larger wheel - you have less distance to reach
down to grab the tyre. This helps keeping your balance.

Talking of Adam’s move in Universe… He reaches down and grabs the tyre
with the same hand he uses to hold the seat handle (although not at the same
time of course) while using the other hand for balance. I tried it that way
but had more success keeping my hand on the handle and grabbing the tyre
with the other hand. Another thing I find that makes it easier (relatively
speaking) is to have my butt firmly planted on the seat before reaching
down. I’m not entrely sure why but it’s perhaps something to do with less of
a shift in weight as you reach down.

As for the name… “Tube Slap” sounds like a slang word for something
else… or maybe my mind’s just in the gutter this morning :wink: I think
“footless” should be in there somewhere. Perhaps “Arial” as, if you squint
your eyes, you kinda look like one with your legs sticking out and all.
Yeah, more coffee please.


I’d call it a “Tire garb no footer” because that is basically what you are doing. But this is only my suggestion.