what do u gies think of the Nimbus 20-inch Trials with Profile Hub off of uni.com

ok im done ryding around on S#*T and im getting a good uni i was going to get a kh trials but there out of stock and i want 1 sooner thin that so what do u think of the Nimbus 20-inch Trials with Profile Hub on uni.com I think I might order it tomorrow just wanted some feed back or w/e on it thx :slight_smile:

seems like a great buy. I’ve never heard of those frames breaking but it has 145 mm cranks on it so street and the like might be tricky. Hope it all goes well.

get a koxx from renegade juggling, its cheaper and arguably better

arguably better than what? A KH? I think they are on level playing fields, might be better than the nimbus though.

order from bedford.
get the same thing but a good rim. alex dx 32. none of that nimbus junk.

or get a kh or koxx.

personally i don’t like anything nimbus has made. (new bc plates are good though)

my lil bro has that uni, hes had it for a while and it seems good to me…ive seen my friend do some big drops on it and ride some good trials with it, i think the cranks are a tad to big for me though…
yeah do wat torker dx said though if u want an ultimate strength with the profile hub…

i was saying that k1 is better than nimbus, also its almost $200 less

The nimbus rim is just a rebranded undrilled KH rim from 2005.

655 $

That’s a pile of cash! :astonished: I assume you meant this one, it’s the only nimbus profile.
If I wanted to bleed cash, I would wait for A E bike to get KH’s again. Then put on DMR mag pedals with ti axles, and get a carbon seat base. Same cash and lighter-tricker.
From what I have read the profile is one of, or the original splined hub. KH hub failures are very rare, can’t remember anyone writing of that, and the KH is drilled, lighter I think. So wait ! :sunglasses:

ok thx gies fore all the help i really appreciate it i was locking at bedford and there is a kh is it the same as the 1 on uni.comi wasn’t sour cus there wasn’t a pic or any details about it thx :smiley:

that warranty also doesnt usually include unicyclist.

get that uni but with kh moments.