what do these pedals offer for street riding?

I saw these in a mountain bike magazine and I wondered if you could take the pins off one side and use them for grinding. THey got excellent reviews and I might put these on my christmas list. any opinions?


they look pretty amazing, the only problem you will have with them, is that they are sealed bearing. Sealed bearings have a very limited lifespan when they are being smashed around. Particularly from doing grinds and pedal grabs you will find your pedal bearings will get destroyed, its just a matter of when and where. I remember seeing a video where Xavier did a crankflip and the pedal flew off.

Dude, I want… Who cares if they’re good for street riding, those things will get the ladies to you like garbish to a trashcan. Well sexy!

Yeah I’d grind the shit out of them there pins. Dude how’d they getcha ladies? Like they are pretty blank dude.

is there a way to make the ,“un-sealed”

I highly doubt that any pins come out.

No, you can not make sealed bearing pedals unsealed. Well, I guess you could but it would not be worth it.

How would these things get the ladies?

These pedals are sweet, strong sealed bearings, yes, strong. I’d take sealed to unsealed anyday. And a perfectly smooth pedal if you take the pins out, perfect for grinding. I wonder about the cost though? I wreck enough pedals to go for cheap ones. 40-80EUR is my guess.

in the magazine it said that they were selling for 120$… there goes the only Item on my christmas list so far. lol

Then I have some good news for you: http://www.amazon.com/Tioga-Monoblock-Platform-Pedal-Chrome/dp/B000IQCPV8/sr=1-3/qid=1166365167/ref=sr_1_3/105-6187796-3452403?ie=UTF8&s=sporting-goods

those pins are removable… those pedals are scary
… lessons on how to get scars must come w/ those pedals

keep in mind you’re going to totally destroy that nice finish the second you do a grind. also, the pedal is totally flat, no concave to help you stay on. the juimmy C’s with the knurling and slight concavity are probably better for grinding.

replace parts?

Xavier was probably using 24 Butterfly pedals, they do tend to fall apart quite easily, according to several people on the forum who describe them as ‘Xavier eating them for breakfast’. Also, I’ve seen both the left and right 24 pedals being broken from one rider, after not so long at all.

If the design could be altered to be like how standard metal pedals like rebranded Try-All VP-Red Label pedals, then it’s at least a plus.

You can probably tweak or take the pins out, judging by how they look. These look as if they would offer very very low grip for a foot in my opinion.

i strongly disagree

Whats your case then?

I can be persuaded. As of now I don’t see a benefactor of a metal soap bar with pins in it.