what do i use my unicycle for

i can almost unicycle just fine, but i cant stay balanced from side to side.
im fine from front to back but not from side to side, could you please help me correct this someone?

also please tell me about some of the cool things you have been able to do with your unicycle. and what i should try to do.

wow, where to start…

once you can ride, which i’m sure many kind people here could help you with, you could:

jump, drop, spin, wheel walk, glide, there are infinite possibilities! Just look at some of the videos on this forum!!!

or go to:


Muni= unicycling offroad, you have a durable, stable unicycle (usually 24" or 26" wheel diameter) w/ a fat mountain tire

Trials= Consists of jumps, drops, and technical lines w/ skinnies (just like bike trials if you’ve seen that) Usually you use a 20" wheel with a fat tire for bouncing

Freestyle: When done with speed, grace, and variety of tricks, looks sort of like figure skating on a unicycle. You do many intricate tricks, but stay mostly on the ground.

Everyone: Maybe post some links for this person of the best examples of each type of riding.
I’ll start with this: search Kris Holm on Google and you will find MANY examples of world-class Muni and Trials

…and i nearly forgot

Welcome to the unicycling community!!!

there are many cool, nice people on this forum and you will learn a lot

To have better side to side balance try getting 2 friends to help you and have them then stand on either side of you as you ride. Or you could find too handrails and hold on to them to ride. Just practice and eventually you’ll get it.

A few tricks/skills i have learned are:
Riding one footed
One foot idling
grinding (i’ve only landed a few)
Riding with the seat in front and back
wheel walking (still working on)

One of the most standard responses when you ask how to do almost anything, is for someone to simply say “practice”, which, while not being very helpfull, it is probably the best thing you could do:)

There are so many neat things to do with a unicycle, it would be impossible to list them all here. Once you get better at riding, I imagine you will gravitate towards (a) certain style(s). Just read various posts about all different things, and I am sure you will get some ideas about what to try.

For info and help with all sorts of tricks and other things, try going to http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/The_Unicyclopedia

When I started riding, I learned a twisting-at-the-hips technique to stay up. It goes like this: If you are leaning too far to one side, twist your lower body so the wheel is pointed towards the unbalanced direction and keep pedaling. (Flailing your arms helps too.) Pedaling towards the direction that you’re off-balance helps to regain balance.

Once I got that down and could ride unassisted as far as I wanted, it was much easier to practice riding without twisting, using just my arms for balance. Even now, when I’m VERY unbalanced, I use the twisting maneuver to avoid falling.

After you can ride unassisted, the next problem you’ll probably have is that your legs get very tired. To solve this, you must put much of your weight on the seat whenever you’re not using the weight for something else (such as torquing the wheel uphill or hopping). Putting weight on the seat helps you use only as much leg force as is needed to keep you upright and moving forward.

After you are a proficient rider, there are several different styles of unicycling that you could pursue. For an overview and a (probably incomplete) list of skills, see the Unicyclopedia link that sevenasterisks posted faster than I could. If you are looking for cool things people have done, I would suggest downloading movies that people post on this forum. Personally, I worked on my crank grabs and stillstands today. I’m not that great at either, yet.

Re: what do i use my unicycle for

On Sun, 26 Jun 2005 21:23:08 -0500, “habbywall” wrote:

>im fine from front to back but not from side to side, could you please
>help me correct this someone?

The general idea is that if you ride forward and tend to fall to the
left, you steer to the left so as to get the wheel back under you.
It’s the same as on a bike. Try practicing while riding hand in hand
with another unicyclist (or even two, on each side of you) and hold
hands as lightly as you can. If there is no other unicyclist around,
someone who walks will do also. Let them walk to the side of you but
somewhat ahead of you so that you can ride forward without having to

For more tips, see the Word document “Learning to Unicycle”,
downloadable from <http://www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/uni_beginners.htm>.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“As with all great social movements, the origins of mountain unicycling are unclear. - Hannah Nordhaus (Los Angeles Times)”

And saying ‘practice’, which means just have confidence and persevere. Your body will learn, slowly or quickly, by just trying. And by visiting this forum.
I guess another thing you can do on your unicycle is distance riding.