What do I need fixed?

The other day I went out for a muni ride and everywhere I rode my unicycle was wobbly, I didn’t know what it was until I stopped riding and dropped my unicycle, when I dropped it I saw that the cranks were nothing near parallel. I really enjoy muni riding so I’d like to get it fixed, but I don’t know what needs to be fixed.
Could anyone help me out. Here’s a picture.

Edit, the cranks are square tapered, not isis

not parallell.jpg

Looks like you’ve rounded off the squre part of the hub… so you’ll need a new hub and probably cranks.

either that or he’s twisted the axle. Take off the cranks and check the crank and ends of the hub, if they’re rounded off then you need a new hub and cranks, if they’re not rounded then you’ll just need a new hub.

no, thats probably bent. you’lll probably need a new wheelset, and if you like muni , i would suggest a whole new unicycle (24")

a hub will be expensive to replace, i think you can find wheelsets for $35-40, so that would be the cheapest option, just do a little research.

i did that to mine too. i kept riding it until the hub snapped and the rim was bent. then i took my old uni and turned it in to a home made GUni

I’m going to suggest hub + cranks replacement. But the truth is the next guy is going to say for muni get a new rim and tyre. Then the next guy will say frame and so on… Upgrade, I don’t think it is worth it to stay w/ the torker.

So here’s the deal:

If it’s only the crank that is bent, and not the hub, then you need to replace the crank and that won’t be too expensive…

If the hub is bent, then it is probably not worth it to you to replace that. You should just think about getting a new unicycle. It’s cheaper then upgrading piece by piece like that.

Forrest is on track. Check the cheap component first. The angular displacement of the cranks in the photo is dramatic. You should be able to take both cranks off and then put them on one side of the axle, one crank at a time. You don’t need to tighten them to do this. Don’t allow the axle to rotate when you do this. Look at each crank when it is attached to the axle. If they look like they are at very different angles, then AT LEAST ONE crank is CERTAINLY bent and you MAY have a cheap fix. This does NOT indicate that the axle is OK.

If the cranks are bent, it is somewhat more difficult to check to see if the axle is twisted or rounded because the cranks can’t be used as a reference. Try this. Anchor the wheel vertically with the axle flats on top as horizontal as possible and the axis of the axle also horizontal. It may already be obvious that the axle is twisted and you can’t do this on both sides. Balance a straight edge on one side and observe the angle at which it rests. Now balance it on the other side and compare. For a direct comparison, balance a straight edge on both sides simultaneously. If the straight edges don’t line up…

…buy a new unicycle.

Ah, the two posts above mine were helpful. I had the same problem, I think. When I bought my 20" norco from the local bike shop (this is when I was new to unicycling and had only seen a few trials videos on youtube), I thought a 2.5" wide tire and a square frame guaranteed that the unicycle would withstand abuse. Of course, when I do anything more than a 2’ drop, the axle bends. So, time for a new uni?

It looks to far off to be a bent crank. Like everyone said, you need to pull the cranks off to see.

Although buying a new ISIS uni would certainly be cool, and maybe the only lasting fix if you ride hard, it is not that much $ to fix that uni up so it can be a street ride until you have more $ for a better uni.

Here is a new Torker wheel and hub for about 30 $. It is steel, but it would fit your frame and be a quick and easy fix, assuming your hub is broken.


I notice this is an old thread, and that unicycle in the picture probably broke soon after it was taken. Looks like a twisted axle to me. The cranks don’t appear to be bent at all, which means the problem is in the axle. Also if the square tapers were rounded off, you’d notice an extreme flopping of the cranks at such an angle as that.

I used to have that problem in my heavy days of Freestyle riding. After a while the metal starts to weaken and give way at the base of the taper. Then SNAP! Time for a new hub. The rest of the wheel should not be affected, though there may be other damage from the riding that created the weakened axle. But you can weaken an axle with minimal hopping/dropping if you do enough other stuff.

my torker did this too… i road it like that for the longest time… it eventually broke.
just keep riding and save money in the meantime for a new one and be ready when it brakes.

ild say get a new one if u buy a new wheel youl prbably do the same to that one