what do i do now?

Ok its been exactly 1 week since i picked up my first unicycle and i can ride perfectly well for id say about 250m or so probly more. i can turn 90 degrees and can ride off curbs perfectly well. What should i begin practicing? should i continue to develop balance with regular riding? what should i do now?

Have a look at the levels, then take some darts, and make sure your unicycle tire is not near the screen in case you have a bad throw (they may bounce back in your direction).
Also you could try things from the standard skills.

I think after learning riding forward, circles (in both directions), idling and backward are very usefull. Hopping could be a nice begin to.

Yeah also start workign on crankflips. haha i’m kiddin. Backwards riding, hoping it great, but mainly just try to devolep your riding skills with eveyrthing. yeah. i don’t know. hee hee.
-Shaun Johanneson

You could, er… enjoy riding it for its own sake. You have started to develop a skill that only a tiny minority of people ever get a chance to try, and you’re bored already?

To use a unicycle as more than a novelty toy, you need to be able to freemount reliably (i.e. most of the time), ride, turn both ways (sharply or smoothly), stop under control and dismount safely.

To start to develop your unicycling into a real sport, you need to be able to idle - ideally with either foot down. This will give you loads more confidence when trying other skills, and will make you safer in crowds and near traffic.

Idling leads naturally to backwards riding.

Most skills after that are skills that you learn for their own sake - but each one makes you a better and more competent rider.

Some people move up to a bigger wheel and ride long distances. A unicycle is a fantastic tool for exploring areas that are too far to walk, and too near to bother bicycling.

Some people enjoy riding off road, and call it MUni or cross country.

Some people develop a wide repertoire of performance skills, such as one footed riding, fancy mounts and so on.

Others like to jump and hop and drop on and between obstacles, and call it trials.

Right now, just ride it, and see where the demon leads you.

Now that you know how to ride down kurbs. Try hop up them :slight_smile:

Re: what do i do now?

“Mikefule” <Mikefule@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> writes:

> Idling leads naturally to backwards riding.

I wish that had been true for me. Even after I could idle, backwards
riding took an awful lot of practice. My difficulty may be due to bad
form (too much weight on the pedals, too much controlling of the upper
pedal) when idling. I find I need my weighht balanced on the saddle
for effective backwards riding.

Either way, idling and backwards riding are hard skills to pick up.
More baskic skills like tight turns and figure-8s may be a better
focus early on.

Hope that helps.


I had the same problem, I know other people can just enjoy ridding, but I couldn’t. Just push what you already know (Ridding forward) Go take your uni up, and down some steep hills. Ride on some paths, with turns/bridges, then do a little off roading at a park ,with steep up/down hills. Until you are comfturble, I guarentee you, going down your first hill is going to feel weird, your not going to be used to just trying to pedal backwards.

Do this for awhile, then ride on flat smooth ground, suddenly your arms will find your sides, and you’ll be ridding like its nothing.

Then go on to idling, and ridding backwards, at this time you should know what style you want to go for.

Muni, Trials, street, freestyle. And you’ll beable to buy your next uni accordingly.