what distance without falling

Keeping it fun

I find it really exciting if I can time the traffic and make it further into town then I had before without dismounting.

After about 5 miles on the 36, I will call that good enough and walk a while. There is of course walking breaks around the water fountains. All these little walking breaks max seat comfort, I commonly do a 20 mile round trip on the 36 in an afternoon, but it is split up into sections with breaks. I bet riding 20 miles non stop would be a pain in the seat. Actually, I am sure of it. LOL

Without fall or uncontrolled dismount.

(This refers to your statement “I’m sure many of the road riders have gone several hundred miles.”)

I’m asking again: Proof?


One thing I would add:

The day will come where you will be able to ride indefinately. After you enjoy that for a while, you will look back and recognize a distinct difference in skill between being able to ride 100 yards (a long way) and being able to ride indefinately. You’re doing great but you will experience even more satisfaction when that day comes!

By the way, you’ll love the 24".

Edit: Ganfax, do you have your seat hight at the ideal level for leg extension? That can be very limiting if it is too low.

For people starting to run there is the famous “Couch-to-5K” running program. You basically alternate jogging and walking during your session and progressively reduce and eliminate the walking portions until you can run non-stop for about 30 minutes. That takes 8 weeks at 3 sessions per week. I did not follow that program exactly when I started to run but used similar ideas and listened to my body for selecting the time/distance between the walking/jogging transitions. That worked very well.

For jogging you primarily have to improve your cardiovascular capacity. Unicycling might be a little different because there is technique involved to become efficient and you also have to develop some muscles. However, I assume something similar to a “Couch-to-5K” program would work great. Once someone knows how to ride, how long do you think it should take to reach 30 minutes without dismount?

As someone else has pointed out, Sam currently has the furthest distance in one go at 105+ miles.

Someday I want a 36", so I can try 100+ miles at one go :smiley: My PR right now is 8K (that I know of), during the Terry Fox runs.