What did you do for the 4th?

The 4th of July is my favorite time around Aspen. Our little town of 5,000 swells to over 25,000 people, all seeking out fun. The highest alpine riding is still snowed in, but up to about 12,000’, (3658 meters) the riding/hiking/running is prime. I have a few pics from some of the events I participated in, but I do not have pictures of the Buddy 5 mile race (running), street dancing, or fireworks on the mountain. The parade was so much fun, I enjoy going back and riding it 5 or 6 times more after the group ride. Both of my kids were in town rode in the parade as well. Hope you all had a great safe 4th, can’t wait until next year. Cheers :slight_smile:

Love that 3 wheeler giraffe :slight_smile:

I like june 24th better

Mike, I am so jealous, riding through those Aspens looks like heaven.

I rode on either end of the weekend, once with the wife and once with the pups. We “escaped” to the mountains of North Carolina and rode some old trails around Fontana Village. It was a little rough, trails are in terrible shape after all the storms, but the 1.5 mile downhillwas clean and fast!

Our daughter decided on the U of U, so we’re heading out there in August to move her in, so I’ll bring a uni and ride out there. Otherwise it’s hot and humid riding for me until winter. :astonished:

Hope to catch up with you again next summer :smiley:

How’s your AsPen?

I lived there when I was 19. Up until then I resided in Michigan. Never had been west of Illinois before then. I rolled out alone on a train knowing not a soul. I landed in Snowmass Village. You see, after learning to ski at 17, I decided instead of college, I should enjoy more of what I “wanted” to do. So, where is the best place for that? Right there where you are. Congratulations!
Anyway, I only spent several months there then. Returned to Colorado when I was 24 and stayed three years. Bounced around Boulder, Summit Co, and Glenwood Springs till I was 27. I loved it there. I was in Aspen two different 4th of July’s. Both were memorable.
Returned to Glenwood 5 years ago with my family for a visit in August. It was great. I wish I had a place there. Oregon where I live is pretty fine though.
Anyway I got a KH29 for my 50th in Dec. I rode a Uni when I was 12 briefly. When I got this one it took me some training to begin but I am lately out doing miles of trails at a time.
Anyway, Love ur pics.