What did Santa Bring You?


and a gig bag!



oh ya!! I also got the Napoleon Dynamite DVD! they printed one and a half million coppies and they wew sold out nation wide the day it was released.

Its freeking sweet!

A lock picking set so WATCH out. Oh and half my unicycle.

Half your unicycle? so like it has half a wheel? Or it was just the left half…?

hey, scooter, you still stole my avatar, and it’s mine, you stealer. just fyi.

something smart and witty so that I may quote you.

I got a new Torker LX 24" :slight_smile: The cranks are a little bit too long though. I put the seatpost down as low as it goes and I can’t reach (I’m 6’ tall, keep in mind). Guess I’ll have to saw off some of the seatpost… anyway

Got some nice new Zyflex padded bike shorts too, for those long rides in the park. Man they’re sweet!

I’ve been wanting one for a while thanks for reminding me. I think I might buy one with my christmas money. I got a new unicycle tire. My old one was so old that I could see the threads that make up the tire falling out.

I got a camelbak :sunglasses: and some FOX racing gloves.
As well as this sweet shirt that says “I do all my own stunts”

-Sabin Arditty

Things to make my own studded tire, tomorrow i’ll go playing uni-hockey… on ice. :smiley: (the studds are chopped to ~2mm after the picture was taken)

Got the things needed to make my own studded tire, with a 1.75" nokian x-trak tire, a few hundred hardened screws and so on.
And now the studs (or should i say spikes) are cut to about 1-3 mm in length, on the picture it is 6 or 7 O_o

i got dawn of the dead, a trodgor hoodie, a the cheat t-shirt, books, the hulk movie, a mad magazine and a new controller for my playstation(1).

that’s just from relatives and my siblings though, my parents are going to order me the kh '05 trials uni like tomorrow, allong with a new seat post for my old uni and maybe but probably not, the kris holm wrist rap gloves.

Kwanzaa was invented by someone in California about 20 years ago and is an ethnic activity. It should not be compared in any way with Christmas and Hanukkah which are religious observances based on traditions going back thousands of years.

hay james, sorry. i stole it from someone else who stole it from you. oh well ill get rid of it. :roll_eyes:

I have yet to recieve anything for Chanukah, but they tell me I’m getting a fixed unicycle (new wheel) and a some safety gear.

And maybe some new clothes from Nordstrom or Cable Car Clothiers (I’ve had my eye on a top hat, but it’s $150 so I doubt it).


a torker dx 20"(its no KH trials,but itll do!)

$25>Haro big block mag.pedals(for above^)

a guitar sling

some old ancient roman coin things

and junk food all day!


i got that also :smiley:

same here!!!

Murde mental that’s awesome that you got a banjo.
I got a ukulele (soprano)
A natural minor tuned harmonica
A nintendo DS
An X-Factor launch ramp set (2 launch ramps and a platform/table)
Me and my brother got a 6 ft grinding rail
Napoleon Dynamite
Bunch of gift cards
DCShoeCoUSA shoes
DC wallet
Bunch of other stuff too but i forget.

“He makes you feel comfortable”
-Dad’s friend comenting on the guinea pig pooping on me.

Murde mental have you been too www.ezfolk.com? It’ll definately help you with the banjo if you haven’t already been there.

No unicycling gifts for me this year. I got a Palm pilot and “The Big Lebowski” on dvd.