What did Santa Bring You?

Hey everybody,

Season’s greetings!

What new stuff did you get for the holiday?


Unicycle: New leg and arm armour.

ROTK special extended DVD edition.
Mark Knopfler’s new CD
Helmet compatible snow sport goggles

Harry Hanukah brought me the last installment of components for my GB4 Coker! This was such a massive and long-term (Sept. 1 through mid-December) undertaking that my wife has managed to squeeze anniversary presents, birthday presents AND a Hanukah presents into one unicycle. Perhaps that is why they call it THE BIG ONE.


i got a brand new bedford :smiley: and bedford brand new t-shirt also ghost reacon 2 :smiley: and i think im gonna go buy a new 20" t.v. for my room also on boxing day :smiley: .

a coker and v-brakes, tons of uni tools.

man how can you ride a corker you are way to short can you even reach the pedals :thinking: joking joking :smiley:

My new giraffe!!! Also I got lots of techie stuff like a light-up USB hub, a light-up USB keyboard, a graphics tablet, and a first person shooter digital pistol. I also got lots of first person shooter games like Battlefield 1942, Men of Valor, Far Cry, and one non-first person shooter, Ghost Recon 2. I also got lots of stuff for my rats like treats, treats, and did I mention treats?!? Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Quanza to all! :smiley:

Um… What is Hanukka? What is quanza? :astonished:

I got a Brand Spankin’ New Summit Trials!!! Yippee! I had no idea that it came with a monster tire, it’s like 2.7 " wide, I love it! Only thing i don’t like are the nubs, but I was expecting that. I’ll probably remove them at a my dads shop. Oh and it came with a viscount, i’ll replace it with a KH, but the viscount is pretty noice.

Cool KH long-sleeve jersey
KH gloves (back-order)
Primo Rod seatpost so I can convert my muni to rail adapter
Park crank-puller tool

Bob Dylan Chronicles book
Bob Dylan Unplugged DVD
Frank Zappa biography by Barry Miles

Blessings, all…

PS: Tmornstar, now that you’ve left us hanging on that GB coker project, I hope you’ll start a separate thread w/ pics once it comes together.

kris hom 20" trials uni, universe


he bringd peace and love


sixsixone leg armour
Unfortunately, Santa didn’t bring me a BC Wheel… :frowning: stupid fat lazy punk…

Mini iPod
a ton of books
some really really old Archie comics, like from the 50’s and the like.

My cheapie freestyle torker lx 20" it rocks
New Bass OLP 4 string black with new cord
$60 to cocunuts (cd store)
and i got 75 bucks shovling walks so im set
San Andreas


Hey guys, you’re at your computer if your reading this, so that means you’re sitting down which is good. I wish I was sitting when this news was broken to me, but Santa… Well… He’s not real.

hahaha, you silly conspiracy believer! That’s what they alllllll say, but it’s not true. Of course he’s real. Where else did my iPod come from? Obviously, the elves built it.

BOOM shaukalaukalauka BOOM shaukalaukalauka ACE!

hanaukka (sorry if i spelled it wrong) is the Jewish Winter Holiday becuase of the lantern in Jerusulaum with oil enough only to last a day but instead it lasted 7

And Kwanzaa is a black holiday.

We had been storing my neighbour’s present from his wife - a new rudder for his small yacht - behind our Christmas tree for a week or so, and here I was lugging this large box through the dining room to take it down to him.

“Merry Christmas”, the lovely Mrs s7ev0 says.
“Merry Christmas darling”, I reply, thinking, “You pick your moments! Why not wait for me to finish carting this bl**dy great box down the road first!”

“No, Merry Christmas”, she says again, smiling.
"Merry Christmas, darling, " I reply again, this time leaning forward, large box still in my arms, to offer a yuletide kiss.

“No, Merry Christmas,” she insists, putting rather too much emphasis on the words and really overdoing the Christmas cheer I thought.

Then, of course, somewhat later than it did for you, it dawned on me. Result: 1 lovely brand new Nimbus 29" in all its red trimmed glory.

So, 'nuff repect for She Who Must Be Obeyed, who has definitely caught me out big time for once.

i got a sweet new bedford, and i also got… …well… …Um…
…thats all i got. i guess santa dosent love me. :thinking:

no actualy i also got some money.:slight_smile: