What did people think of UniNats 2003?

This is for all the Aussies out there that went to UniNats… Just wondering, what did think of it??? I thought that it was great, being the first gathering of unicyclists that I’ve ever been to, and I can’t wait till UniNats 2005!!!

It was utterly awsome…I’ll too tired now but I’ll eventually put all my photos and videos in a UniNats album in my gallery and do a little ‘report’ thingy. I loved it!


and I thought this one was on the North American Trials Series… Drat…

It was also my first big gathering of Unicyclists (if you can call 70 big).

I think that it was really well organised and the weather mostly held off.

Thumbs up to the organisers for a well put together event.

As is often the case with these you enter everything that you can, and I did. I was mainly going for the hockey but ended up in a fair amount of track events as well. The MUni was good fun even if I was doing it on a 24" with a street tyre.

I am also looking foward to 2005 in Darwin.



I’ll be there in 2005 when I can. If everything goes to plan for me.
I’ll definitely try to be there. I hope. I’ll be reading some reports from Andrew when he gets round with his report and Photo gallery very soon. I glad all you guys and girls had a terrific time in Canberra A.C.T. Australia. Sorry I couldn’t be there this year. It was too quick for me and I didn’t know since I registed on this site.


Aha! So you’re the guy I met with the fancy Coker at UniNats are you?


My UniNats ‘Report’

UniNats was perfect!

I’d been looking forward to it literally all year and it met every one of my expectations and more. I got to meet heaps of people in person and to witness some amazing riding. The highlights for me, although it was all great, had to be the friday fun muni ride and trials session and the little bit of northshore Tony and I haad a ride around on.

On friday we met in the afternoon for a really fun group muni ride. The tracks we rode on were nice and technical with heaps of rocks and ruts and stuff like that. Unfortunately my muni wasn’t available at that stage but the trials uni held up pretty well. We then went around the town and did some trials and freestyle stuff. I got to ride my first real set of stairs which was heaps of fun. Some of us also had a little hop around on chairs and that sort of thing.

Saturday was the day for freestyle, hockey, and basketball. This was meant to be my rest day as I was really buggered from doing heaps of riding on friday but I ended up doind a fair bit of riding and attempted to play hockey and basketball. The Queensland team was absolutely slaughtered in both the hockey and basketball but we did manage to get a few points in each game and I got a couple of goals so I was happy. :slight_smile: In the freestyle, Simon amazed us all with his ridiculously good routine. There were many other really good ones too. Alex attempted a huge flying suicide mount off a set of stairs (see the videos in my UniNats album) as an impromptu freestyle ‘routine’. We also had the official opening ceremony where a torch was passed from the youngest competitor to the oldest, Keith, at the age of 71. The interesting thing is that he started unicycle at 64 or something like that because he was bored after retiring.

Sunday was a really big day and was really tiring after already doing so much. It was the track and field in the morning and muni in the afternoon. Alex Toms set a really impressive new Australian high jump (and long jump) record of 71cm or so. The muni course was nice and technical as well as reasonably long. It was about 6.5km long and Tony blitzed us all. He was 2 minutes in front of the second place getter with a time of 22 minutes or so. After the muni Tony and I went off to the little northshore obstacles that were nearby. I guess it was pretty average compared to the stuff they’ve got over in New Zealand but it was the best northshore I’d even had the chance to ride on by far. I discovered that I do actually know how to roll out of dismounts. Tony attempted a massive drop with a bit of a tricky landing that must have been over 2m high. I got it on photo and video but it’s not the best quality.

On monday we took the group photos and had the marathon. The groups shots turned out really well and a photographer for Inside Sport came to take some photos for the Nov/Dec issue. In the marathon, Julian was kind enough to lend me his 24" uni to ride but I really struggled with a horrible lean to one side the whole race. Over 10km it gets really tiring leaning to one side with your arms stretched right out. :slight_smile:

UniNats 2005 will officially be in Darwin which should be really great. I can’t wait 2 years though! UniNats 2003 got some really good coverage in the local newspaper. There were 2 pages worth with lots of good photos. It seemed to be written as though they respected unicycling as a proper competitive sport and not some sort of hoke which we all thought was really good.

I’m in the process of putting my photos and videos into the new UniNats gallery at http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/andrew . I still have to scan some non-digital photos that turned out well and upload all the others. There are already some good group shots up there so have a look.

UniNats was utterly awsome.


group shots - wave 1.jpg

Thanks for the report Andrew. I can’t wait now for the “Inside Sport” Magazine when it comes out soon. The Nov/Dec issue is the one I really have to get and for keeps sake. Thanks Andrew.


best weekend ever!

well firstly i could like to say a huge thankyou for everyone that went to UniNats and made it the awesome weekend that it was. Thanks to all the organisers who made it run smoothly and helped the weekend go off without a hitch. I too was blown away with the awe inspiring levels of skill portrayed by Simon and others in the track events and my favourite the Muni event.
and a particular thanks to Andrew Carter who was soooo generous over the whole weekend letting me use his trials uni for the muni event along with some much needed shin pads;)
i guess i’ll be seeing most of you in Darwin sometime!

No worries Mark. It was great to finally meet you. I’ve started practising for 2005. :slight_smile: I’m going to jump 80cm high and 2.00m long and be able to coast. Well that’s what I’d like anyway. :slight_smile:


Re: What did people think of UniNats 2003?

I had an absolute ball.
Despite having to ride 20km on my bike to get there on the Saturday,
and missing the freestyle routines because I had to move house :frowning:

Still, it was an awesome gathering of Australian unicyclists and I’m
thoroughly looking forward to the next UniNats and Woodford at the end
of the year.

We definitely need to have a unihockey tournament and/or Australian
Muni weekend in the next year though.


So you’re the Nick I met in the marathon are you? I reckon an Australian Muni Weekend is a great idea! I nominate Brisbane…there’s a massive range of excellent tracks available including some great norhthshore. Plus I live in Brisbane so I wouldn’t have to travel very far. :slight_smile: How do muni weekends work?


So… just wondering… how many people are going to go to UniNats 2005 in the Top End? I hope that there will be heaps of them so that more Darwin people will start riding!!!


Simon, Rockley, James, Wayne, and I are going.

I’m going :slight_smile:
hey Andrew ur gallery of uninats photos and videos is heaps cool! If you or anyone else know of other Uninats videos/photos i’d luv to see 'em!
cyaz, lozza


I’ll be there for the Uninats in 2005 in Darwin so I’ll fly up there for the event. As long there is no stuff up for me. My first plane ride for a long time is coming in 2005. Don’t worry about me.


Hey Lauren,
I’ve still got heaps of little video to put in that album and I’m going to make a little movie with music of UniNats…just all that videos put together. I’m just trying to find a song.


cool, i’ll look out for it :stuck_out_tongue:
nice meeting u by the way :slight_smile: