What did I start?? ;)

I called my son last night to see how he and my daughter are doing. I missed talking to my daughter because she took a trip with a friend to Anchorage. Any way, my son is far ahead of me with his unicycle skills. I pretty much expected that to happen. When I was in my 20’s and early 30’s, I don’t know of anything I couldn’t do if I tried.
He told me that he was taking his 20" toker to work with him and practicing when he had a little free time. He works outside so he just keeps the uni by him. In about a 2 week time period, he is hopping, riding up and down small ramps, doing some free mounts and even tried jumping off a 1 foot ledge. That one was a big mistake because when he landed, he somehow missed the pedals with his feet! :wink:
He mentioned being on the ground for a little over 5 minutes before he could get up and start to move. We had a pretty good laugh over the phone about that one. My wife said she would never get to be a grandmother!
He told me that some of the guys are trying to mount the uni also. One young man (about mid 20’s) hopped on the unicycle for the first time and had pretty good luck. Tim (my son) told me that just practicing a little every day, that the 3rd day the young man rode the uni, he was trying to do figure 8’s! The guy was going all over the place riding the uni. I told Tim that now he knew what it was like ( and what dad felt like) after all his hours of practicing and somebody just hops on and starts riding.
He was happy for the guy and glad he had something to do with the other guys but somewhat frustrated to see that happen after all his work.
Tim is now desparately wanting a 24 or 26 so that by next spring (May in Alaska) he can start riding it to work. He also wants to get something for doing tricks and it sounds like he is really interesting in muni! I sent him a cd or dvd with some of the movie clips in the gallery section so he has been telling the guys about what he sees on them. Right now they aren’t believing him that people can do what he is saying so I told him to take the dvd to work, put it in one of the office computers and show them.
Although I am still learning to just get on my unis and ride in a straight line, perhaps I at least started something back home in Soldotna, Alaska!

btw- I did tell him who is in Seward, Alaska also!
My daughter was born there and she and Tim both live about 96 miles from there. That info really excited him.
He may have to drive over to Seward before winter sets in :wink:


it sounds to me that you’ve started something pretty damn good! All kudos to ya.

When are you going to persaude your wife to learn? :slight_smile:


Oh how I wish that were possible :slight_smile:
I hope my son can tease my daughter/his sister into trying. That would be a true miracle! :slight_smile:
I just sent email to in-laws/nephews/nieces about buying the 2 unicycles and how much fun it is. I am hoping some of them will take the bait. I sent some url’s and a pic of a coker in the email.
Hopefully I can get others involved.

The epidemic has begun in the oldfatboy family. Very cool!