what cranks will fit

i ordered a koxx-one white widow what cranks will fit on the hub i have herd that some cranks dont fit on koxx-one hubs.

the cranks that come with it will fit perfectly. :slight_smile:

I heard that the newest Koxx 1 stuff is all the regular ISIS, so try and find out how new your uni is and if it’s regular ISIS, the retailer will probably know.

thanks i got to orderone las night so i will be able to ride it soon and i am picking up a older onza this weekend for 50 bucks!

The Koxx hub/crank interface used to be oversized. you could generally get pertnear any crank on there with enough effort but the oversized spindle would stretch out the cranks interface and then you wouldn’t be able to use them on other hubs.

Apparently it’s all good now though.