what cranks size on 24 street Uni?

I’m pretty new, but am interested in eventually learning some street skills and using my 24 Nimbus X. I’m just wondering (from the people out there who use a 24 for street ) what size cranks are you running?

I’ve got a set of 125s which feel too short, and the 150s seem a bit too long but are nice and super stable.

I had 125/150s on mine and i mostly rode it with 150 hole because it felt easier to flip with more torque. I think 137s would work well for a balance of speed and torque too.

Fido is using 137mm on his 26" KH.

145’s. I like the extra help on uphills and downhills. I’m less concerned with speed.

Perfect, thanks for the info. I’ll stick with the 150s for now, then when it all gets too easy (ha ha) I’ll switch to 137…