What crank sizes do you ride on your 36ers?

Hey everyone, just a quick question. What crank size do you use for your 36" unicycles? Just put 137’s on today after riding my first week on my 36" with 150’s. I really wanna get down to smaller cranks, as I ride 114’s on my 29". What are the pros and cons ? :slight_smile: :roll_eyes:

I’m not very experienced with 36er. But I recently had to replace my cranks, so I changed from 125mm to 150mm. I have a LOT of control with the 125s, and light muni has been a blast. If I were riding a lot of road, I would definitely change over to 125mm and learn to ride them efficiently. Some 36er masters go as low as 110mm.

As with any crank choice on any size uni, longer crank = more leverage, and easier control. But it also is more strenuous to pedal fast. Shorter cranks are easier to spin faster, but when you need the leverage (muni, upphills, downhills) it can be a lot harder on yourself with less leverage. Of course brakes can solve the downhill problem.

I’m sure there are a million posts here on 36ers and crank length. Do a search.

That being said, I have 127/150 dual hole Spirits. I almost never, ever use the 150s. I don’t do much muni on it, though I do go a bit off-road on occasion and still don’t find much use for the 150s.

It may be useful for when you have to dismount and mount a lot since longer cranks make mounting the 36 easier, but with some practice I freemounted the 127s easy enough, with probably a 90-95% success rate and they are so much smoother and faster that I can’t see using the 150s unless I was really going up some very steep hills.

I have KH Spirit 137/110 dual hole. For the longest time I was using 150s, but I gradually went down to the 110s. I’m still able to do a lot of hills with the 110s. I don’t carry a pedal wrench with me and honestly really don’t like to, nor do I feel the need, to change to the 137s. The 110s are a really good overall crank length for me. I only do street riding.

I am tempted to try 110s, but worry about my knees and loss of control. I have a few short, steep hills on my commute too.

ive used 114, 125 and 170…

170 is way too long, it was an experiment using some bike cranks and it felt like i was climbing a mountain with every stroke. It did make the uni feel like a 26er with turning circle issues though.

125 has lots of control and is nice for general riding including cross country.

114 is getting short. There is much less control and the anticipation distance when you need to slow down or react to anything is getting quite long. However it is great for riding on smooth surfaces (tarmac, dirt or gravel) as long as the path is pretty straight and there are no hills. Freemounting is hard work.

I ride 100mm on my 36", it is lovely. It can be scary in traffic, especially down the hill on the way to work with the roundabout at the bottom.

I have been practising with 90’s that in theory give me the speed I am wanting, but over bumps they scare me. I am wanting to use them in Dusseldorf.


I like to ride with 165er. They are good for offroad and it is still faster than a 29er. For Road riding i use 114 - 137. Shorter than 114 makes no sense for me. I have tried 75er cranks. That was fun, but it feels so unsafe.

Haha, bumps and hills scare me riding the 29" on 114 cranks, but I still have the control on the whole that I want. Ride to work on the 137’s this morning was about 1 or 2 minutes faster tthan the same ride on 150’s. Don’t know if the crank size helped, but going to nail freemountinf the 137’s then going to 125’s :slight_smile:

What kind of average KPH can you hit with 100’s?

my average speed varies on the terrain. In traffic I tend to ride at about 25kph, on open flat roads my comfortable speed is 27kph


I need to get training if I have any hope of a decent time at Dusseldorf!!! :0

I have 125s, but I’ve been thinking about trying 150s. It seems like a spend a lot of my energy mounting, so I’m wondering if longer cranks will help preserve some of that energy.

I cant imagine much shorter than 125s in traffic and hills. The idea for me is to get to work and have fun.

I started with 150 … then switched to 125
but I miss more often freemounts with 125
I do not find anymore proper 137/140 for my Old Coker (I mean aluminium cranks: the other ones tend to get bent when I fall)
so back to 150 :o

Roulette - its the spin of the wheel

114 on the black…100 on the white. Uni.com sent me some 90’s and tried to sell me some 75’s, because they know I’m insane :roll_eyes:


I can still communicate in far-eastern languages :stuck_out_tongue:

I have my 36er fitted with KH 110/127 twin hole moment cranks. I generally ride on the 110 setting on level terrain with the 127 option for cycling into a fast wind.

If I was going to use shorter cranks then I would increase my tyre pressure.

I reckon that tyre pressure should also be considered when choosing crank lengths.

I tried 89s but ended up walking down some of the hills I ride. Running in downtown traffic also seemed suicidal.

I used to ride 110s on my 36 until I got Schlumpfed. Now I use 150s. I think 125 is nice all-around length for ungeared 36. Even with the 110s I could ride up and down some pretty steep hills. 150 in low is only really good for harder muni. 125 is good for road and XC muni. If you really want to go fast on the road, go 110 or geared.