what crank size

I was considering a 20" xl semcycle, but i think i’m going with a 20" nimbus x, I’m going to be using it for freestyle and some street as well. I’m wondering what size crank to get, I’m 6’1" 270#. I picked the nimbus x because it seems to be the strongest freestyle frame thats not hundreds of dollars. anyone have other suguestions as far as frame, wheel, hub, crank combo

I am assuming you mean this Nimbus X (there are/have been a few versions)

I think this should be about perfect. For freestyle I would go with the 114mm Qu-Ax cranks, but at your size I would not trust them for street. 125mm KH cranks would be excellent for street but a bit long and heavy for freestyle.

I just noticed that KH now has moments in the 100mm size. I had troubles trying to get used to 98mm cranks and went back to 114 but they might work for you. Crank length is such a personal thing it is hard to recommend a single size.

Do you already ride?

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