What crank size do you prefer for aggressive street?

For street unicycle do you preffer 125 or closser to 150mm?

110s or 125s

I think 135’s would pwn. I ride 140’s, but 125/7’s are to short for me.

I don’t even like 114mm cranks on a freestyle unicycle. I think 130/135’s would be the most perfect size ever for a trials unicycle for street.

Well I dont like 140s at all for street. HArd to roll hop and hard to flip. I like 125s cause you can still get some speed going and still have enough torque to stop on obstacles, unlike the 110s. On a 20in uni ive ridin 110s, 125s, 140s, and 150s(ewww) I dont know what the 135s would be like but the 135 koxx ones dont look to be as strong as the 125s, plus the 125s are shorter any ways to take drops better. So il go with either 125s or 135s, cause I havnt tried the 135s yet.

140 kh onza all the way :smiley: lovin’ it

I looooove 110’s, I find with anything larger feels like the cranks are too jerky when trying to ride one foot, and I can get much more fluid motions with the shorter cranks. I also find I have an easier time jumping at the wrong point in the cycle ie. jumping with cranks vertical and the like.

I ride KH/Onza 140’s. I love them but have never tried any other length. I don’t think they are too hard to flip. I can doubleflip and Shaun can tripleflip on them. It just takes some practice getting use to them if you usally ride a different length.