What crank length for marriage?

Saw that on facebook.
NO comment


If she goes along with this, she’s a keeper !:joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue:


There’s the answer to all the “what shoes do I need” threads.

Caption: “Tonight’s gonna have to wait, honey; I just crushed the family jewels!”

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If this were me, since I can’t see the ground when carrying someone, I’d UPD on some crack in the pavement and then we’d be getting a divorce.

He’s just being realistic about what’s really important here.

We can bet which love will last forever.

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This is what I heard her say:
“Darling, you are crushing it!”

I saw this on FB earlier this evening, but until now I dindn’t notice the cans tied on! :slight_smile:

And am I missing a joke? Why do we care what crank size?


I guess I’m a complete noob, but maybe someone can tell me what cranks are best for a first date?

The one that keeps you up!

It’s either a dick joke or a comment on how unicyclists can turn any topic into a discussion about unicycle gear.

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As you might expect @finnspin, that depends whether you prefer to go fast or rather be more in control.


Crank length will change over time. Heck she might even carry him at some point!

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Doesn’t it change multiple times a day?

I think it’s definitely changing. In general, the photo turned out to be very cool and it is a pity that I did not think of doing the same at my wedding. But I think it’s never too late to take a photo like this, especially since we recently quarreled with my wife and I think the photo shoot would be good for us because she likes to be photographed. I would not like to allow the development of any negative relations between us and would quickly reconcile. I hope everything will be fine, good luck to everyone.

Ha. love that this is Fred. I interact with him a bit on both Twitter and Strava and we have talked about crank lengths before. :laughing:

The site is about women being the victim. Isn’t it the women who are bossy and manipulative. They would give you that webpage, so you feel guilty.
Just give them a lesson in unicycling and everything will be dandy.