what crank length for a 24" freestyle tire?

hiya everyone!

my uni is falling apart and i need a new one. I thought about getting 2, a freestyle/trial unicycle, and a freestyle/street uni. everyone tells me i should get a KH20" for the trial uni, but those are soooooooooooo expensive, and since i just need a unicycle, it doesn’t matter what i just neeeed one, i found this store nearby and they’re selling them for about $80

And so i was thinking, ok i’ll get the 20" tire for the trick unicycle, and this unicycle will be just like a riding uni… or freestyle uni. doesn’t matter, i just want to get around with a wheel, and keep up with my friends :smiley:

I should get a 24" tire on this uni. since the uni that i have now (the one falling apart) is a 20", i have no idea what a 24" would be like, but i know that i want one, haha

So my question is this. what crank length should i get? i know that if this would be a muni, a 165mm would be good, but i don’t plan on riding this in the woods, ya know? but still, is 165mm good for a freestyle/street uni?

so what length crank should i get? Im only gonna do riding, a little tricks (like 1 footed riding or hopping), but not big tricks like grinding or jumping up 3 feet :-D. that i’ll leave to my KH20… which i’ll get one day…if ever :frowning:

heres a link to the uni i would like…

It looks like crap with that grey color all over it, but whatever. also, ill ask for a 24" tire instead of a 20" tire. i could buy a different uni, but this one is cheap, and i don’t have money, so this is it, sorry.



My Torker LX came with 150 cranks. I wouldn’t go any longer than that. 140 would probably be better. But I like the 165’s on my KH24 for off road and hills.

what about 145mm?

if it’s for freestyle and riding around, I’d do 140 mm. that’s what I have(i think I have anyway) on my 24" schwinn and it works pretty well.