What Commuter Should I Get!

i’m thinking about either the nimbus nightrider or coker V2, i’m looking for something with handle bars and a brake and will provide a nicer ride(FYI i’m giving my old coker to my dad so we can ride togethor)


Since you have a Coker, your pretty familiar with the big wheel cycles.

Make a list of the other 36" wheels cycles, list the features you like better in each one, to help you decide. Sounds like you have money to burn, so you may want to include the geared unicycle, that would make an interesting upgrade.

Once you get closer to deciding, you’ll be able to ask specific questions, which will get clearer responses.

Or buy my Nimbus 36" for $10,000.00 (<<<— Since your 13, I am Joking!)

whywould i buy a nimbus 36 when i

1:alrady have one
2: if u mean the nighrider, i can get one for 560$haha

$unidude$chad$, I apologize for my talking about having money to burn, your post had nothing to do with that. I just went off on some rude tangent, sorry.