What colour is the new 36" Nimbus?

And the first person to answer “Blue” doesn’t win any prizes at all!

No, what I’m looking for is the exact colour code. I’m guessing it’s a standard RAL colour, or possibly BS, or even pantone etc.

I’ve just won a set of Maguars on eBay* that look like they’re in need of a lick of paint. So, getting the right colour will not only help them look better, but will leave me with something to repair any scratches to the frame/T7 just in case I drop it in a big way :slight_smile:


  • Thanks for the tip off Kington99. That’s another one I owe you!

I don’t know the “exact” color, but I do know sometimes complimentary colors are a cooler looking option than trying to match everything in one color. On my son’s Nimbus 36", we offset the blue by using yellow for both his water bottle holder-frame, and for the zip ties that hold his cyclometer cable. It is a very sharp combination.

Mine’s lilac. Does that help?

just looks blue to me! haha, do I win a prize?

I’d agree that accessories can look better in a complementary colour… but touching up a scratch would just highlight it a bit too much! :smiley:

There’s going to be a few bits added to the T7 handle anyway, so it won’t hurt for one or two bits to be camoflarged.

Oh, and Cathwood, have you got the RAL number for your lilac Nimbus? I’m sure that’s close enough to the colour of mine :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t fall

Hey, as good intentioned as it might be, you can’t fool me. I know that you stole that quote from any one of a thousand posts giving advice to newbies or people attempting a new/dangerous trick! :smiley:


you got me. i was gonna say practice, but that didn’t seem to fit

Well after making you fork out for the nimbus in the first place i feel slightly better that I’ve saved you some money.

I think Pantone applies only to inks/printing. I don’t know about BS or RAL. To match a paint color you probably need the brand and that company’s name or reference number for the paint in question. Maybe Roger Davies can help you out, as he may have been the one to spec those unicycles.

I’m sure the answer would just be to ask Roger.

I know he was using some brand of car touch-up paint to do some minor spots on his prototype Nimbus 36 frame before painted full production ones were around. So I guess that there is a ‘Mazda Azure Blue’ or somesuch which matches the colour well.


My coker will soon be powdercoated with the australian flag design on it. Me like very much. :smiley: :smiley:

Be sure to post pix when it’s done.

Yes, I knew Roger would know the answer, but I also know he reads stuff in here, so thought it might benefit others. I’ve emailed him anyway, so if he doesn’t reply in here, I’ll let you all know.

I suspect that as the frame is powder coated rather than sprayed that it is probably a RAL colour rather than a car colour… but we’ll see :slight_smile:


I’d certainly like to know the color. My Nimbus has a couple scratches.

Twice I’ve tried using model paint from the hobby shop. It looked perfect in the bottle, but when applied, not even close.

Personally, I think between KH unicycles, and now the Nimbus 36er, there is too much blue in the unicycle community.

Why not just paint the whole thing a different color. Like orange :slight_smile:

Or lilac.

or pink

or green

or go like muniaddict’s kh24 and just strip everything off of it.

you could call it a naked cok

Well, for those of you interested, I’ve got the official answer from Roger;

We don’t do spare paints, sorry about that. The colour is specified as
YS-PC-20176 it does not have a ral number from what I can tell but it
may be possible to find one with a little bit of searching on the net.

I’ve not been able to track it down on the net, but will have a bit more of a search this weekend.