What color?

I’m thinkin of painting my Summit trials and I wondering if any of you guys have some good ideas for a color. I was thinking of maybe a dark or bombshell green. Well anyway tell me if you have any good ideas.

i dont think mine is a “good” idea, but anything green seems cool to me.

i think everything black and then the rim be red

Dayglow Orange with yellow polkadots.

I like that one daino

Now do it. :smiley:

i would but I have no paint. Keep the the ideas comin people

Burgandy with like thin white stipes on it that would be rockin


BOMB SHELL GREEN, BOMB SHELL GREEN…that would be awsome, I think thats the color I will paint my muni

You could paint them in the official unicycle colors…black and blue.

All black, with yellow highlights.


Ok the poopcycle is just creepy

Polka dots would be good for a circus unicycle.

I went with a powder coat.

If I wanted green, I would go a 2 coat powder coat making a Candy Apple Green.

I want a pink one… so you should do it pink, so I can look in awe at pictures!


Bomb shell green, with yellow stripes around the seat post, there was a thread about a Bombshell green uni a while ago, one of yoggi’s unis was that colour and it rocked


Oh I like that idea anybody got a clue where I could get some bombshell green paint.

if you go to a specalist paint shop they could make you a spray can of bombshell green just how you want it, but if your painting it onto crome its a tricky process to get a decent finish, there was a thread a while back about how to get a good finish from spray paint. if your willing to spend the money you should get it powerd coated, its very tough and it looks brilliant.


My uncle has a car painting business and said he would paint it for free yay:D He said he would let me have whatever paint he has leftover from painting cars. I hope he has the stuff to mix some bombshell green