what color should i paint my uni?

hey guys what color should i paint my uni its blue and its a norco some ppl are saying a pink or maybe a black frae with a pink strip down the front and back of it or maybe a white frame? so plz if yu guys could help me PLZ:D thanx Tony.v new_unicycler.

How will you know which of our responses is the right one? Will you really listen to us?

New paint, unless professioinally done, is never as strong as the original. It’s going to get scratched up. That’s why I prefer chrome when I can get it. So my vote is for chrome.

if you get it painted, I highly suggest powder coating. it stays way longer. also, a few people have white unis here, and they look very good.


Purple is the obvious answer.

White powder coat is always pretty nice looking, chrome is also very good

fluro orange


OMG i’ve got it… FLOURO BROWN

how the hell do u get fluro brown??? it would also probably look like uve dunked the uni in a big pile of sh*t

What colour shits do you do tom ? flouro brown shits? thats kinda weird

y do u want to know the colour of my sh*t? like that just isn’t natural for someone to think that.


Howabout a “rainbow” of ALL colors? Than you satisfy everyone!:smiley:

My suggestion, what ever you choose, be different.

mix heaps of colours together and see wat u get, dont put in any dark colours casue its likely to turn a a real crappy brown.

Yeah, if you put too many colours in it just makes that sh*tty browny dark green muddy colour. But anythiing that stands out but looks smooth

take seven or eight or just a bunch of spray colors. shoot the first on as a base coat. then using an 8x10 piece of card stock, cut out random holes of various shapes and sizes… Then start shooting different colors through the holes at various angles! That’s how I did my camo, but I only used 3 colors. Try vivid yellow, sky blue, fire engine red, flouro green, halloween orange, white, black. You’ll have something totally unique. :sunglasses: Then coat it several times with clear and let it dry overnight to really cure hard! Then take 4-0 steel wool and smooth it all out. Then post pics!

After you’re finished, solid colors will seem utterly BORING and plain jane!

The other way is to get paints in cans, and using a large paint mixing can, carefully start adding the contrasting colors, but DON’T MIX THEM! Dip in your brush and get several unmixed colors on the brush and start painting! Or better yet, “flick” the bristles at the frame with smooth wrist movements, and see what you get…like a splatter effect! With this method, you can use one color at a time. Cool!

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my uni paint is wearing off quickly and i want to paint it a light gray but does spray paint wear off quickly? my uni was bought painted black dont know what method though