What can you do, while unicycling

pritty much as the title

i learnt to roll a hand rolled cigareete while riding, on the way to college

can any one do anything special while riding a unicycle, eg playing a guitar, read a book,down a bottle of wiskey,rip a phone book in half or eat a meal.

or maybe all at the same time

ive eaten icecream whilst unicycling as well as blown bubbles and flown a kite

ive eaten a lot while riding, same with drinking pop or water, umm, i can juggle while riding, and i like to play my 12-string acoustic guitar while i ride.

There are probably more things ive done while riding i just dont remember them

dude, you can do ANYthing. read a book, eat lunch, smoke I guess…solve a rubiks cube even. but it helps to know how to do that standing, before you try it unicycling.

I’ve answered the phone whilst riding muni downhill on a coker once, apparently I wasn’t very coherent though. I can chat away merrily whilst road riding.

Oh and I can play folk music on whistle whilst riding a unicycle.

These pale into insignificance compared to the usefulness and practicality of being able to skin up whilst riding though.


I read an article in scientific america on string theory, while ridding in traffic on my 24" Probably wasn’t the safest thing but oh well.

How do ya’ll ride in traffic, anyway? I can barely maintain a 10-15 mph speed going, much less a 40.

Eat a meal, play the penny whistle, juggle. But the obvious answer is to mow the lawn and drink beer.

I can change my t-shirt while I’m wearing a bag and listning to my mp3 player while riding.

I heard that someone took off there pants while riding!!

i have carried a boogie board while riding …im not sure why

wouldnt be that hard if you have masterd seat in front and one footed

I’ve mooned while riding (at the end of a devil stick routine):

^ Definitely something I could have gone without seeing.

I don’t know if this counts, but… A while back I was walking the dog with a retractable leash in one hand a hot coffee in the other hand. If that wasn’t good enough, I was going down declining sidewalk that was covered with snow. Next thing I know :astonished: was my coffee was being catapolted over my shoulder and landed on my back. Lesson learned… need knobby tires. I have since changed tires :sunglasses:

I pushed a wheelbarrow with a log (for trials) in it.

For a talent show I rode my unicycle with one foot blindfolded and playing the violin all at the same time. I think I won, either that or the hot girls who danced. I’ll never know because they didn’t announce a winner.


I can play the short call horn solo from Wagner’s Siegfried…for added effect, I have percussionists drop cymbals as I exit stage right, that way if I miss the high “c” at the end I’m covered.

i can do few things while riding but nothing spectacular

i was once riding down the street and texting someone on my cell phone at the same time.

Does picking your nose count?