What?? Can they do this?

That was an issue w/ me maybe a couple of times a week when I was in elementary school, but after that I could either hold it or the teacher always let me go. (Now after breaking my back, I go and have to again in 5 -10 min
several times a week :()

I remember a schoolmate had a major issue w/ the bathroom rule so he, his parents and the teacher talked it out and after that he always got permission. (He always did his work, was never disruptfull and didn’t abuse the privilage)

It was still summer when I did this. I am not trying to argue and honestly I am a good student, involved in TAG, STEM and other extra-curricular activities. I ran into the principal and we talked a few minutes. He wasn’t the one that yelled at me he was just there. I mentioned possibly riding there on the weekends occasionally and said we can arrange that (Under certain terms). I also learned one of my teachers can unicycle so I am hoping to talk to them about starting a club.