What can I use to lock the muni-pins in my pedals?

After every ride or every other ride, I have to tighten all the pins on my butterfly pedals, which means chipping the mud out of them and tightening the ones that are loose. I’ve already lost 2 pins, and I’d like to avoid losing any more.

I thought of super-glue or something, but if I did end up wanting to remove them later for some reason, that might be a problem.

Has anyone done this? Or have another way to keep from losing pins?



Blue if you want to be able to remove them again. Red if you want a permanent bond. Green if you don’t want to be bothered taking things apart in the first place.

or elmers glue if your in dry condition’s.

Hmmm, never heard of ‘green’ Maybe that’s what I should use on my loose Moment inserts!

Loctite is the way to go. I’ve bought small bottles at my local automotive shop for the grub screws on my pedals.

I think some of the KH bolts have blue loctite of some sort on them?

knoxuni and UNIROX, your avatar pictures and names are similar enough that I have to look at where you’re from to remember who is who. I keep thinking knoxuni is a lady municyclist from New Zealand :o

Awesome guys, thanks for the help!


haha thats fine I take no offince. I will change mine when i get home.

Mud is natures locktite! Take the pins out, ride some muni and then tighten the pins back in:p

It doesn’t have to be Loctite brand. The closest hardware store carries the Permatex brand, so that is what I use. Blue Loctite or Blue Permatex or whatever equivalent is locally available is the best solution. My pedals came with a Blue threadlocker on the pins. The Blue will keep them in, but allow you to easily change the grub screws (or whatever type of pins) as they are worn into non-grippyness.

They also make a loctite glue stick of sorts, I think this is easier to deal with on male treads like pedal pins. It is more viscus than the tube having the same consistency of the elmer glue stick. I good technique is put the pin on the Allen wrench and drag it lightly though the loctite stick.

Blue is defiantly the way to go. It dries soft so it can handle the flexing of the pedal and the pins in the pedal. The red dries into a had resin like substance that is brittle (but very tough). Which is of course the way it is in all materials. That is a whole topic I will not go into. The point of my rambles is get the blue, you will be able to remove it when your pins wear down and it will keep it tight as you need.

I keep my loctite close to my heart, I put it on every bolt that could possibly rattle lose. As a result my screws are tight no lose ones here…

You can also use boiled linseed oil as a thread locker. It works very well, and it’s the enviro-alternative.

Green loctite is designed to wick into the threads, but be warned, it is seriously strong thread locker. In my experience it is between the blue, and red in terms of holding power. If you do use it on the pedal inserts on your cranks be very, very careful not to get any into the pedal threads. It could be difficult to remove the pedals again without a torch.

Depends what kind of pins

The allen pins are the worst and even locktite will not keep them in in the long run. The best pins are the ones that are found on many of the high end (Xpedo, Syncros, Straitline and Welgo to some extent.) pedals that have the hexsagon base and you use a little wrench to put them in or take them out. That wider base that comes into contact with the pedal body makes all the different. It prevents the pins from being bent and ruining the treads in the pedal. I have still not lost any Hexagon pins.