What can I use a Nightfox for?

Is the Nightfox a muni or can it be used as a muni? Also if I’m 5"4 would I be able to ride it? Finally, is it extremely hard to maneuver on the huge 36" wheel?

Unigeezer posted a couple videos of mUni on a 36er. On day 3 of the 2015 Arizona mUni weekend, one of the riders brought his 36". So, yes, it can be done, but I don’t think you’re going to find it very satisfying, you’re going to fall a lot, and you’re going to have trouble mounting on uneven terrain. The two riders I mentioned above are really advanced, and I think they used the 36" for mUni as a kind of novelty or a way of showing off. A 36" is not what they’d choose for a typical mUni ride. I think 5’4" is plenty tall enough for a Nightfox. I suggest going with a 26" for mUni. If you’re looking for your first-ever unicycle, I suggest getting a 19" trials. Learning technique on a smaller wheel will make your experience later on a larger wheel more gratifying. Good luck!

At 5’4" you are exactly the kind of person that the Nightfox was built for.

Sure you can take it off-road if you want. Big wheels are slower to maneuver and can be unwieldy but also a ton of fun on and off-road if you get a flow going.

Most consider a “big wheel” uni for distance riding or racing. While people do occasionally use them for muni, the largest anyone typically uses is 29", and it seems that 26" is very popular, if not the most popular size.