what can I do?

I’m from Colombia. I want to get a unicycle. Here, we don’t have so much chances to get a good one. I’ve seen in local pages the Mongoose… but I have read your posts about this unicycle… Now I know this is a Bad one… Well, I want to ask you what unicycle can I buy. The Mongoose here costs about US$150, and this is the money that I have (practically). I want to make jumps, spins and acrobatics, so I want to get a good one… but cheap. What can you advice to me?
I will buy it by Internet, if you can give me the link, it would be nice
I’m sorry for my english, and i’m waiting for your answers
Gracias :slight_smile:

Hola, construir su propio monociclo! :slight_smile:

There have been many threads on the subject. Here’s one thread:

Thank you so much!

www.unicycle.com is usually the best place to go for all things unicycle. I don’t know if they ship to Columbia but they’re good guys (some of them are even active on these forums) so you could give them a call and find out.

Good luck!

Unicycle.com has a great selection

Although not everything, and each countie’s UDC is a bit different. Great place to shop to get an idea of what is easy to buy in other countries.

For a Colombian, shipping costs, laws, tariffs, etc. may play a big role in the cost.

For the most part, it is usually not a good idea to shop locally for unis, even in the USA it is a tiny niche market, it is almost required to shop online.

Find out the shipping deal from each place. You might want to get a K1 or KH, just because it will cost so much to get anything, it would make best sense to get the best. For some reason, it seems like the SA riders are usually on K1.