What can i do?

Ive just started out unicycling a few weeks ago and am happy with my overall progress, but winter is getting close and im afraid i wont be able to practice with all the snow and i dont want to lose all my progress and start over again! what can i do to keep from losing all my progress over the winter months? :thinking:

Just dress up and keep riding. If you are riding on slippery/icy surfaces you can buy a second tire and stud it.

What kind of unicycle do you have?

You could always practice in a gym, or other indoor place, maybe even a garage if there is enough room.

Im riding a cheeaaappp 20"in sun whitewall. :o

i have no access to a gym, and my barn and garage are packed in with stuff lol.

but thanks for your advice.

If you don’t have access to a gym how about an outdoor rink? I bought my fist unicycle at the start of the winter a few years ago and learnt to ride on a shoveled off section of a lake with a studded tire. It was great since it was a nice flat consistent surface to learn on.

edit: If you need directions for studding a tire I wrote one up here

Do you have any parking garages in your area? They can be good places to ride in the winter.

I bought my first unicycle in February (in Michigan) and rode it in the snow that day. I already knew how to ride. I pretty much rode every day. The unicycle taught me that winter isn’t so cold. Practice hard enough, and even your fingertips will be warm! :slight_smile: