What can fit in our boot. (photos)

I met up with 2 other unicyclists in Poole today. We lined up all the Unicycles we brought with us (we have more xD).

What do you want out of that?
Whats shit?
What do you think of the homemade ones?

Most of the Unicycles are mine as you can see. (But it really want that Coker!)

Fantastic day out in Poole, the Dorset Unicycle Club has officially been started!:slight_smile:


That are allot of unicycles, lol :P.

What do you drive, a hearse?

My dad was driving a people carrier xD

Boot means trunk to any of them American/ none-word-boot-using Countries.

I like the four wheeler, any chance of better pic of it?

What a nice 36er you have there… It seems rather familiar! How many of these did you actually ride through the day? Sounds like you had fun :slight_smile:

P.S Just noticed the Buff sticker… nowhere can be left unstickered!

Even the back of a loitering chav was ‘buffed’! (The chav people called Alan a pedo afterwards…)

right umm… we all had a go at the 3 wheeler, apart from Magnus (last time he had a go he “almost” cried :roll_eyes: )
I rode the freestyle nimbus occasionaly
rode the ultimate with cranks for Five mins
the other other ultimate was tried severel times by everyone.
i rode the 24" for the distance
magnus rode the trials at the skatepark
Magnus rode the muni down some steps
i rode the cheap 20" for a few seconds to proove that I could ride its short height…
Magnus rode the coker most of the day, and I rode it when ever he got off XD
Magnus practised wheelwalking on his punk uni
Rob rode on his 24" all day
Rob tried the 4 wheeled and I then i showed him how it was possible… :o

So… HA! All of them :smiley: You used the word Actually in your sentance, which tells me you presumed we didn’t ride them all… but we did, ha! yeah…