What Camcorder do you use to film your uni movies?

I just wanted to kno which camcorders you guys used. Are they mini DV or are the DVD recording. How do you like the quality? Also post a pic or a link to a pic.


I use a miniDV camra from waly-mart, it hold an amazing 3 min of teribble quality film, and boasts a stunning 4X digital zoom (that you can’t adjust whilst filming) and I couldn’t forget my faverite feature: it shuts off if you give it a slight bump, or try to veiw your clip you just took. so if you feel like wasting money on absolute crap I sugest the vcamnow;)

i just use the video mode on my digital camera… i just got a new one too it has good quality movies (for a digital camera)… i havnt made a movie cuz it is soooooo hot, but i have some extra clips on my computer that i might make one…

2 HDR-HC1’s

i have sony handycam from best buy with 20x zoom with the little DV casettes but i havnt made any uni movies with it yet because i just got it yesterday:D

which model? There are like 30 handycams :stuck_out_tongue:

if i had $1500+ for a video camera right now i would get one of those:)


I use a Panasonic NV-GS180

i find it to be a really nice MiniDV camera, its 3CCD so nice colours and pic quality, its also a great webcam :smiley:

im looking for a link to a site with it now


this is the closest i could find for it


One same as Brian M.

I use A sony Handycam DCR-HC21 with a Carl Zeiss lense with a 20x optical zoom and a 800x digital zoom

I have one of these:

Its really good, only thing that lets it down is my computer is crap so it brings the quality down when iv edited it!

Rock on!

i use a Fujida Japan Digital Mini Camcorder. Its pretty good. Its 6 mega pixels, takes photos and has an MP3 player and webcam thingy. It is a bit smaller than an ipod.

mine was free so whats better than that? my mom got gift certificate from her credit card company and it was enough to pay for it:D

The uniconnews DVD was recorded with
2x Canon XL1 plus a tripod and a crane
and a tiny Sony DCR-HC44E

I was planning on buying a DVD cam as well, but I’ve heared they burn less good compare to how the MiniDV tapes store data.
I don’t know about that, but my tapes hardly had any dropped frames.

Further all post-production lab people I spoke to say that the quality of data goes bad faster than if it was stored on tape (so I’d say store it on harddisk).

For almost any clip on unicyclist.org I’ve used a Canon ixus (european model-name) / Elph (american model-name) with just 3.2 Mpix.
But yes, they only needed to meet web-quality standards.

Thats the one im getting. Brian showed me the light comparing 3ccd to anything less. There is really no comparison.

YEAH … heres to digital cameras gone movie camera :slight_smile:

I posted a review of the Pure Digital flash-based camera in Product Reviews a couple months back… Small, light weight, pretty good quality, generally better than a still camera with video mode…

Does anyone use or know anything about the Aiptek mpvr camcorder?

I just want a video camera to put movies up with good quality. Will it do the job?

Just looking on chainreactioncycles.com, and they seem to have a few helmet cams there, that look pretty cool.

There’s a few you have to plug into your recording equipment (i.e. a camcorder in your bag/pocket) but the wireless ones look good. They have built in memory, take batteries, shockproof etc. The Tony Hawks one has a large rubber band so you can put it on your skate style helmet.

Bearing in mind this is a UK website, but they seem to ship overseas.


how do you get a normal video camera’s video (tapes) onto a computer??