what bicyclist do after seeing uni

This happens EVERYTIME when I ride my uni and encounter bicyclists.
After seeing me ride my uni, the bicyclist begins riding ‘no-hands’ on their bike.
As if to say, “Hey, I can do what you’re doing on my bike!” :roll_eyes:

Tell them if they wanna be like you so bad, take a wheel off and do the same, or buy a uni :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s when you put your hands on your handlebar and give them the same snarl back as if to say: “Hey, I can do what you’re doing on my uni!”

I once had a motorcyclist do a stoppie for me.

Haha, I was going to say same thing, they tend to start riding “no hands” :slight_smile:
that’s funny

Could you ride backwards, or seat out? Or any simple trick to challenge them? Or ask them if they care to try the uni?

When a bicyclist asks WYOW, I always say “I decided to take off the training wheel” :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, this happend to me yesterday! A teenager started going hands free after seeing me riding a 36er. I wasn’t even good at it, it was only my 2nd ride. ~_~

I saw a biker riding no handed today. I put my hands out on my big imaginary handlebars as I rode past.

To be fair I see a lot of bike riders riding no handed when I’m not on my unicycle too though I have noticed this tendency.