What BC wheel skills to learn, and in what order?

Hey (I’m back!)

If you don’t want to read the background info skip to the questions–no big deal.
My buddies and I are getting into unicycling again, and we’re also learning to BC (impossible) wheel. We’re semi-solid unicyclists, and when learning to BC wheel we’re getting some flashbacks(warning signs) from the days when we were first learning to unicycle. Currently our BC wheeling goes like this: push off from in between two big plastic trash cans, ride either 5 feet(push goes wrong) or until knocked off by a balance upset or speed-wobbles. (for what it’s worth, we’re riding 20" Yuni impossible wheels with tire pressures set from 40-60psi)

When we learned to unicycle we would start in hallways, using the sides of the walls for balance. starting like this made it take us much longer to learn to ride, and self mount.

Trick progression: the BC skills i’ve seen (from watching Ryan Atkins/Jeff Groves’ old BC movies, U2, defect) are, in no particular order;
1.riding 2.turning 3. hopping/dropping 4. rolling mount
5.frontspin/backspin 6. backwards 7. foot-push mount (from JG’s section in Defect.) 8. grinding 9. riding shifting skatepark style inclines.

So, with that background information given, here’s…


  1. How much of a cruch is it to learn to ride before learning how to mount, how soon after learning to ride did you rolling mount, etc.

  2. How much harder is foot-push mounting a BC wheel than roll-mounting a BC wheel. Any tips?

  3. When is it appropriate to start working on new skills, and in what order did you learn skills? obviously big drops and frontspins are insane top-tier skills, but are there any “tells” in BC wheeling? For example, when you can hop forever on a uni, it’s kind of a “tell” that you should learn to idle. If you’re in the mood, rank the difficulty of BC skills, or whatever.

  4. Is there any place online where this has already been answered?

I’m in the dark completely about how to master these tricky little rides. There’s no U-level difficulty for BC wheeling, and before i discovered that skill chart, i was completely in the dark on how to get better at unicycling. So that’s why I’m posting this. Surely more people are gonna be riding these after seeing the possibilities from Defect.

1- I learned these at about the same time. I pushed off between chairs to learn to ride, and I learned the jumping on mount in grass to build up confidence. These are the best skills to learn first.

2- “Skating” the wheel isn’t much harder once you learn how. The way I got (semi)good at doing it is to focus on jumping when your not pushing. It is extremely hard to balence on one foot on a BC because it tips, so keep your weight off of it! Jump between pushes and just keep your foot on the plate.

3- You can learn jumping right after learning to ride fairly well. That’s as far as I got though, so I don’t know about other tricks.

4- Probably.

Hope that helps a little.

i’m still a noob at the BC but, i can go ~30 feet across the gym after a jump mount. i think it’s easier to learn that way. just go for it.

Psh, Front and back spins are as hard, if not harder than coasting a uni, AKa its very hard, i vbeen working for aobut 5 weeks on 180s/spins and they are hard.

the skate mount is no harder for a begginer to learn than the rolling mount, the rolling mount may get a begginer farther because its easyer to get goign fast. when learning the skate mount think about it like hoping on one foot.

Ya, i think you should just learn the skate mount right away. Its not hard and you can get your feet exactly where you want them where as in a jump mount you just kinda land on them and its harder to get positioned. If you want to see some basic tricks you can watch my really old bc movies. Here are links: http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=148799 and http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=148802 i think Evans more recent movies are alot better but the stuff in mine is good for beginners to get ideas from.