what baby steps to seat drag?

So I’ve been trying to seat drag (in front) for several weeks now, and I did manage five whole revolutions once. However I usually get one, maybe two. I’ve learned to ride and idle one-footed with either foot, and I can mount/ride SIF smoothly as well. Are there any other skills I should work on improving that will help my seat drag?

Seat out in front…
Try to hold it really far awayfrom you… backwards, in circles…

Just about anything to help learning you distrubute your weight on your pedals evenly :slight_smile:

also … try to just hold the seat loosely - let your balance pull your arm around

Hmmm, yeah. I should learn to ride backwards with the seat out. Riding seat out is so tiring. It’s like learning to ride all over again.

learn to ride an ultimate wheel.

bend your knees while riding sif and tense them up really tight, so that your not bouncing up and down and so you can keep the wheel wobble to a minimum, then either let the sesat go and keep doing that till you get it, or start holding the seat with less and less fingers, till youv only got it by a single finger, then learn to drop it

Practice riding seat in front, holding the seat just by two or three fingers, really far in front of you…the real thing is, all you need is to keep pedalling consistently, and keep your weight evenly on both pedals, so the wheel won’t wobble back and forth and hit your legs.

practice ridng seat in back, not putting ANY weight on the seat.