what australian Freestyle unicycle should i get???


I’m from Australia and I’ve been unicycling on a friends uni for a couple of weeks and ive decided that i want to buy one.:slight_smile: unfortunatly i dont have much knowlege on whats good and whats not. I’m prepared to pay around $200 for a freestyle uni that I can learn the basics on but when i get better it will still be good enough to do tricks and stuff with.

I would really appreciate it if anybody has any suggestions on what i should get

P.S ive been looking at this unicycle, would it be alright for what i want?

hello fellow ausie friend,

Now a word of advice, don’t get a shwin, the majority of your tricks will need one foot on the frame, so I suggest one with a flat, or squared frame.
Are you just learning because my addvice would be to buy a really good uni, then you won’t have to upgrade.

This is a fairly good uni for learning.http://www.torkerusa.com/

yeah, i get what you mean by buying a good uni so you dont have to upgrade but i dont really want to spend heaps on one, i really only want to spend $200 or maybie a bit more on one.(do you reckon that would be enough to get a decent uni?)

What do you mean by a flat or square frame, it does say “split flat-bladed steel frame” in the description.(all together making me even more confused) :thinking: Is that the only thing wrong with the schwinn, mainly because i cant find an aussie site with a torker on it, and im not sure how difficult it would be to bring in:(

by the way the link you included went only to the home page of the site, what torker uni do you recomend

ok sorry about the link.
Well the torker LX is a very good freestyle learner, it is light and has a square frame (you may want to change the seat though, it’s a bit hard). They can be ordered at most good bike shops, which I find very convinient.
This the flat/squared frame.
Hope this helps:D


well it looks like it will probably be the LX if i can find them being sold at a bike shop near me, how much do you think they would cost? do you have any suggestions on what seat i should change it too. :thinking:
thanks for the pic of the flat/squared frame.:smiley:

Well, I think that they cost around $299, but if your bike shop guy/gal is as nice as ours is, you might get a $50 discount. But don’t worry it is well worth the money.
What type of unicycle do you have presently, because you could just swap the two around. And since you live in melbourne, some where should definatly sell these uni’s.

No worries friend!
PS. Love the signature!

i rang up the local bike shop and a 20" torker LX is $198:D:D:D. so if i get that i can buy a $40 seat or something:)(I dont actually have a uni yet because ive been learning to ride on my friends). the seat that the torker has got is probably still an improvement on what i have been learning on though:

would this seat be alright:

only because i would be able to buy it from the store instead of online.

That is great that you can get them in, and they are quite cheap.
That new seat looks very good, and definately better than what you were learning on.

I’m getting a nimbus X freestyle from NZ. It’s a bit expensive, but it will be worth it!

yeah its either that seat or this one:
they look pretty similar though…
the freestyle X sounds great, i was reading your thread the other day about what uni to get:D, kind of what gave me the idea of asking.:wink:

Yeah, I thought that giving freestyle a go would be a good idea. It looks great and has endless amounts of tricks to learn.

Now the KH seat would probably be better, but I would buy the one at the bike shop, convient and it is a very good seat.

thanks for all the help.:D:D:D
im gonna get an LX as soon as i can.

Sounds great friend! You’ll have heaps of fun!

man, why do you have to ruin threads, it’s not like we are going to buy it, now go away and don’t come back on

Nice choice my Aussie friend. :smiley:

I think you’ll be very happy with the LX too also.

Hi I own a 24" Torker LX $180 local bike shop,good strong frame , can just fit 24 x2.7 tyre but the components are a bit week ,I am still learning the basics but have broken 3 crank arms,hub not straight any more and the seat isnt very comfortable even with a inner tube stuffed in it ,I am already looking to up grade.I guess you get what you pay for.

wow, I didn’t know there were that many problems with it, you should try and get a refund, when did you get it?

Been in melbourne the best choice in the price range would be a juggleart unicycle, you can find them at 1 Mater street in Collinwood or looky here.

hmmm… i’m sot sure what juggleart one you were recommended but i am learning on my friends juggleart unicycle
(the one thats made for the store and called juggleart unicycle).
I thought that the LX would be better than the juggleart one, the seat on it is extremly uncomfortable
(i think it would be more uncomfortable than the LX seat)
I have already broken some parts on it and decided not to continue to borrow it because i really dont want to have to pay to replace his uni too.

i wouldnt get the “home brand” one which i presume is the one your talking about but if its anny of the other unicycles on the site i wouldnt know.:slight_smile:

over a year ago, warranty ran out,I don’t think my 90 kgs helps .