What are your favorite unicycling tricks and advice?

  1. Small Jumps: Some people find it easier to jump on a unicycle than they do riding it. The best way to start practicing is by doing bunny hops. Bunny hops are continual small jumps in one spot. Once you get the hang of bouncing around on one wheel it will be easier to control how high you jump and how far. After a few hours you will be able to jump up small ledges and even entire stair cases.

  2. Riding down Steps: There is no easy way to learn how to ride down a set of steps. Wear safety gear and try this only when you have been successfully riding and hoping on a unicycle for at least one week. Start by practicing riding on uneven surfaces like grassy hills and rocky terrain. This will increase your ability to react quickly to any significant bumps that you face while riding.

  3. Riding Backwards: It takes most people much longer to ride backwards than anything else. Start by holding on to a ledge or wall and go as far back as you can until you are ready to let go. Once riding backwards is mastered you will be able to jump backwards and even ride down steps backwards.

  4. High Jumps: With a trials unicycle it is more than possible to jump up ledges that are 3-4 four feet. Given enough momentum and power, I have seen people jump heights even greater than that. The trick in learning to jump higher is by tucking in your legs as you jump. Instead of standing up straight as you jump up, tuck in your entire body in mid air – this will cause the unicycle to be raised up higher. You will be landing in a crouched position and recovering by standing back up into a straight position while remaining on the unicycle.

5.Taking Drops: High end unicycles like the XTP Fluo can take high drops of up to ten feet. When taking drops of over two feet, all the pressure is applied at the knees and ankles. The only time you sit on your seat is while riding, not jumping. Watching YouTube videos of professionals won’t help, they only show you their successful landings. Start by taking drops of just over one foot and keep going up as you get better. You will fail many time. Get up, do it again, and you will succeed.

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What is the quality of the unicycles that you sell. They are very inexpensive. :sunglasses:

6.Wheelwalk: practice pushing the tire with your feet while holding on to a fence. your feet should directly follow each other, nearly toe to heel. Then once you have got the motion down attempt to go off without the fence

7.Koosh-Koosh: put one foot in the front with heel on the frame toe lightly touching the wheel, then put your other foot behind the frame pushing with your toe. Practice by getting the motion down while going along a fence, then attempt to go off without the fence.

8.Crank Stall: roll up and jump up on to a preferably flat object, like a bench, than land with one crank onto the bench, and jump off. Add some flair by adding 180’s on and off etc.

The unicycles I sell are mostly for beginners. They are perfect to learn and practice on an they do last a long time :slight_smile:

And thanks a lot for the additional tricks! I will use this info if you don’t mind :wink:

This has ton’s of trick tutorials