what are you riding?

hey i thought it would just be interesting to here what kind of unicycle you ride…not to excititng haha but ill start… i have a torker cx as my first unicycle (very bad) but it worked seeing as i just learned on it and am now buying a nimbus trials

i ride a nimbus 20" trials

I ride a stock Kris Holm 20inch trials 2008. It’s rock solid and stands up to anything.

My three main rides are:

'07 KH 24" MUni w/CF base, magura brake, LM rim, intense tire, etc, etc…

'07 KH trials all stock except try-all tire.

'07 36er w/touring bar, nightrider tire and brake.

Plus a few other unis and a BC. :smiley:

I ride a '07 KH 24" w/ CF base, Thomson Masterpiece seatpost, Gazzaloddi 24x3" Magura HS-33 w/ stainless lines, and a Hope seatclamp.
A KH20LN '09 will be mine when it is available.

70% of the time: KH29
20% of the time: KH36
10% of the time: KH24

Purple Koxx with Zebra Print Seat. Pretty dowp ride.

Three Stacked 24" Schwinns

I ride what I call a “Tri-Unicycle” ™ which is three stacked 24" vintage Schwinns. See photographs and short video footage on my other post tonight that has Tri-Unicycle in the title. - Razzle

I ride a nimbus trials with k1 frame. Cf seat, k1 lux foam and kh cover.

I’ve got a crazy kh with all stripped and polished parts, frame, rim and soon to be the new hub. I’ve got sliver double butted spokes and getting some of the g-sport nipples. I’m probably going to get the new kh street/trial seat and convert it into a cf base with the blank cf I have had kicking around for like 2 years or something. Would love to get a wallis though… Going to get mg1 ti pedals, thinking of going with onza cranks, but will probably strip my qu-ax 145’s and clear coat them or drill out my 137 moments.

Vintage Schwinn 6’ giraffe
Custom 5’ giraffe
Vintage 20" standard Schwinn
Custom re-forged 24" Schwinn with 700c rim + tire
Nimbus X ISIS 20"
Nimbus X ISIS 24"

In the order of purchase:

Nimbus 24 Muni (125/150 Moments)
07 KH20 trials (137 moments, blue plastic twisted odyssey pedals)
07 KH29 (125/150 Moments, magura HS33 in the mail) - riding this the most lately
…KH36 (with 09 saddle) soon

Cool! I had one of these a few years ago. I called mine a tri-verticycle.

Now I have a great 3-wheel stack that Steve Howard built for me in about 2003. I can’t find any pictures of it but it’s awesome. I need to put new tires on it and learn to freemount it.

Items in my collection that aren’t pictured include a 12" Steve Howard Custom uni (built for my 2 year old daughter), a 20" summit trials, a 2005 KH24, an 07 KH29er, and the fantastic Steve Howard 3 wheel stack.

For now I pretty much only ride the KH24, KH29 and Coker. I should really clean out my garage and get rid of some of this stuff.



I am inspired! I clearly do not have enough unicycles around the house. There are five unicycles in the garage, (36 titan, 29 Nimbus, 24 Nimbus, 24 KH Muni, 20 Torker) but we have two riders and another one coming along. That will be less than 1.7 unicycles per rider–far below average for this crowd. Frankly, it is a disgrace. :frowning:

This situation calls for action!

Credit card in hand, it is time to stimulate the American economy! :roll_eyes:

(Well, perhaps a small town’s economy in Georgia. OK, let’s stimulate the economy in Taiwan. Isn’t globalism wonderful?)

i ride a unicycle?

as far as parts… i’ll start from the top and work down…
kh seatcover, needs some TLC…
Torker DX foam and base w/ triple reinforced stiffener plate
crmo seatpost
1/2 of a KH clamp (as in I cut it in half w/ a hacksaw), with shim
K1 devil frame
KH cranks, hub, spokes, nipples
K1 street rim
try-all tire
motorcycle tube

or if i’m feeling old-school i ride the 50 year old schwinn. :slight_smile:

I have:

A standard KH24 Muni.

A Pashley 26" Muni with a Holy Roller tyre and 125mm cranks.

A 700c with a 23mm tyre, presently running on 125s, although will probably revert to 114s for the summer.

A Nimbus 20", occasionally dragged out for Morris performances.

A 24" ultimate wheel, seldom used.

I’ve got:

2007 KH 24 with Maguras and 08 seatpost

2008 KH 36 soon to get the new seat and bar, yellow seat and clamp

2008 KH 20 Double crown with CF base, red seat and clamp

An old Norco 5 foot giraffe with a KH seat and post
And a really old 20 inch Husky I got for free that I don’t ride

sorry to go off topic but,

What is a KH20LN? Am I the only one that doesn’t get that? Do you mean the limited custom powder coated Kris has mentioned? Can someone please explain?

KH 20" Longneck.

I ride a 26" Sun with everything replaced but the frame, now light and fast.

I also have a Coker but am waiting to ride it until I get better.

KH08 longneck
kh street fusion custom seat with UDC CF base
tryall seatpost cut down (only post in stock at the time - soon will be the new Kh forged post)
K1 reinforced hub
K1 light ISIS cranks 140mm
tryall undrilled 47mm rim
wellgo ti MG pedals
Maxxis CC
TrialTech white spokes 14G

it all weighs exactly 5kg.

I’ve got a Onza Trials, a custom K1 trials (pretty much dream uni), and a old 20" whos brand name I forget.