What are you riding this summer?

Hey Gang;

Here’s what I’m riding this summer. This is the NOAA RV Ron Brown.


oops, the picture didn’t post

i amnt riding anywhere, doctors orders
i screwed up my elbow when i fell off on friday and tore off all the sking and took a chink outa ma arm. so im not allowed to ride for 2 months :frowning:


That’s a bummer. I had some surgery last fall and wasn’t able to ride for 7 months, which is really a very long time to wait. All-in-all, in the end, the time went by faster than I thought it would. So don’t dispair, you’ll be on your one wheeled wonder in no time. Good luck on you healing!

Here’s a pic my Muni. It’s a KH24 (Sig Series) with a Gazz, Mugura, Mosh pin pedals, KH rail adapter and DM Engineering cranks. I love this thing!

What length are those cranks, jason? Pretty snazzy…

I have a trials unicycle that will hopefully be coming soon, probably in august. its a costom and the builder built my muni too. so trials will be taking over my riding for quite a while

Everything I can lay my hands on! A lot of trials, a lot of muni and a lot of road riding. Also, depending on when my new 29er arrives lots and lots of XC!

Hey Dubmuni, do you have a link to the pics of your muni? I love the paint job!

20" Summit, trials.


Two uni’s

First, is a custom Frame, black profile hub, carbon fiber seat base, custom reeder style handle, and a 19" dx32 rim.

The second is a bedford frame, a profile hub, surly large marge 26" rim, Maxxis High roller 2.5 tire, Atomlab trailking pedals, CF seat, and seatpost based handle.

They work well for me. At least, the second one will when I warenty the cranks

For me it’s a great ride. The cranks are 170mm.

This winter I will be riding a 12" two wheeler, my new coker, and my other 5 unicycles. :slight_smile:


King Muni-Man says, “I’m riding my new Muni and I’m having lots of fun on it. It’s the best unicycle I have ever had in my whole life. It’s really fun when I ride on it and it’s more comfy than my last one.”

KMM’s ride is a Kovachi/Monty setup with a custom (junior sized) Miyata saddle, chopped Nimbus II frame and Welgo pin pedals.


When unicycle.co.nz get them in stock, hopefully August, I will be cruising around on a brand new Nimbus 20" - doing a bit of everything, mainly trials, muni and street.

What a cool unicycle KMM!

Max, do have any pics of your unis? They sound fantastic!

ya know, I dont right now. I’ll try to get a couple next week (at naucc) If I remember…

Edit: I did find one of the Mod.

Sorry, that it’s so big, I cant find a smaller one right now.

my torker(unistar)dx 20 with splined

sorry about that this one might work but its big

…dusting off the Flame MUni and getting some sparks happening in my riding scene…

i’ll be riding my onza soon ordered it last friday

and by the end of the summer i plan to customize my torker cx frame, i’m painting it black with blue flames with nimbus II freestyle wheel set (blue rim) and nimbus x alloy 127 crank arms so i’ll be riding that be the end of summer hopefully:D