What are you doing for Christmas parades?

It’s getting near that time again where the world is flooded with Christmas parades taking place. The local one near me is this Saturday in the morning. I don’t have any affiliation that I’ll be riding with, but am thinking about accompanying someone on this 2.5-3 mile parade trek. I can most likely hook in with the college here, BMX track, or just ride along randomly with someone I find at the parade meet-up spot.
I don’t have anything special planned for the unicycle. The Fireball is beautiful enough as it stands. No fancy tinsel or other decorations for me.
For clothing I’ll be wearing my red Unicyclist.com shirt.

Our Christmas Lights parade is tomorrow night (Friday) and we’re riding in the parade as a club. The kids will have lights and/or decorations on their uni’s plus we’ll have our standard hay wagon float for non or beginning riders. I’m riding Diet Coker. We have battery operated colored light strings to put in the spokes. Gonna be cold though but fun.


After my 2 week late, yes 2 weeks late, entry form i was accepted. I will be the lone uni-man in the parade.
Canyon Lake Christmas Parade here we come.
I am supposed to wear something eccentric, but i am strongly opposed to dressing as a clown, please tell me if you have any ideas on what i could wear.

christmas colours and a santa hat

weave a red ribbon through your spokes

You could dress like an elf:)
I think it would be cool if you could make your unicycle look like a stocking (cardboard cutout or something). Dress like a toy or something and it would look like you were a toy coming out of a stocking.
Nutcracker soldier or something like that.
Have fun

the ghost of xmas past, present or future?
let your imagination run wild

Tinsel in the spokes. Battery Operated lights too. Expecting temps @ freezing. Lots of clothes topped off with our Club Tshirt. (If someone falls, they’ll go “ffffump”)

Since tech savvy people are participating, I’m sure there will be pictures up here next week.

Memphis Unicycle Club is growing in membership and enthusiasm. We expect 10-15 riders.

The Jackson MS MUCsters are reportedly making the 3+ hour drive. (We have two different parades this weekend)

MUCho fun!:smiley:

We had the Auburn Lights Parade last weekend. I got my picture in the paper! (Auburn Journal; Article online, but no pictures) We had about 20 riders, all but me from John Hooten’s Troop 121 Unicycle Brigade (Troopizi). We had a mixture of glow-sticks and battery powered Christmas lights.

My findings:

  • Don’t just light up the unicycle, light yourself up too!

  • That said, use the battery powered lights on your person, and save the hassles of taping (and un-taping) the stuff to your axle.

  • I put a battery pack in each pocket of my jacket, and use safety pins to run the strings of lights up to my shoulders and down my arms. I used the same setup for the NAUCC parade in Seattle.

  • I have a dorky elf hat, which we stuffed with newspaper so it would stand up, and attached another string of lights, with the batteries tucked into the band. This hat made me a foot taller (already tall on my 45" wheel), and more visible.

  • Don’t string your lights in ways that will interfere with movement when riding. My hat lights are self-contained, so the hat can go on and off without hassles.

  • Glo-sticks in the wheel. They were $.79 each at my local Wishing Well (crafts) store. Get the fat kind, rather than the skinny necklace-style ones. The necklaces are much dimmer and have less impact.

  • If you have clear tape, attach them any way you want. If your tape isn’t clear, just tape each end.

  • Face the glo-sticks radially, rather than parallel with your rim. When the wheel spins, they make a much bigger light.

  • Emphasize size. Put the glo-sticks at the outermost part of your wheel first, and then use extras elsewhere.

  • Remember to take off all the tape soon after the parade, then it’ll come of easily. Wait too long and you’ll have a sticky, ugly mess.

  • Have fun!

Two things
It is during the day, so having eccentric lights would be somewhat useless
And the theme is in the future (christmas i suppose)

Stretch your minds