What are they doing?

They are taking the hobbits to isengard.


Nice riding!! Not in to the music or the editing in the last bit, but ehhhh, the riding spoke for itself. I like your style.

um yea, awesome riding, so you know I had to subscribe!

wicked vid, klas

very nice. It looked like the crankflip down the 7 set(which I do give my complements to) was done on a freestyle uni :thinking:

wow insane !!! :astonished:
how long do you ride unicycle ?
and from what country do you come?? :roll_eyes:


How many unicycles do you have?

haha, nice vid, Klas!! :slight_smile:

the 7 set flip wasn`t done on a freestyle :stuck_out_tongue: actually it was me who did it, haha. on a koxx one custom uni.

Who? I think there was about 6 riders in that vid… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s funny because it’s true! :stuck_out_tongue:

soon all of the riders in the vid has responded in this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

The riding was awesome, music and editing wasn’t the greatest.

Loved the shots with the head and the hand. Especially when you hopped across each finger. That was sick.

Really nice riding. The last bit was a little annoying though.


What was that guy saying?


I was shocked that you didnt stop for that car lol. Awesome.

haha the guy said something about… so you dont break your neck… :thinking:
nice vid guys… go norge!

This was an awesome video. The editing at the beginning with the sunset was really cool and the stuff done on the bench/table around 2:15 really took some balls.

Can’t forget Taters!

Yeah I liked the sunset thing with the music. Very hendrix

… I didn’t see it. xD