what are the...

what are the cheapest good metal pedals you have found and you have actually tested and know to be good?

basically lower than £30–> $60 (ish)

although generally in other countries it will cost more for me to buy

I would say Eastern Plastic pedals for <$20 just do not grind on these, it will kill the “pins”

But is depends on what you are going to do, flat, street, trials, muni…

i do sort of, muni/trials

what do people think of snafu/odyssey pedals?

and do they have sealed bearings

I like DMR V8s - they were about £25 last time I bought a pair.
Some of the Wellgo pedals get good reviews and are quite cheap.


It depends what style you ride. Snafus are ok for street if you wear shin guards. I’m guessing they are good for Trials.

But I would say the best (strengthwise) metal pedals for anything big are Jimmy Cs. Those are pretty much unbreakable, never heard of a single failure.

this is because i have a 24" muni

MG1. Extremely light, very grippy, cheap, strong.

Jimmy Cs aren’t that great in the mud, since they have short pins. I think you can put longer pins on though.

Odyssey Trailmix-strong as the Jimmy C’s but with longer pins.

More importantly they’re significantly lighter.

I’ve had to put in longer allen or set srews in all of my metal pedals. Just get some from your hardware store.

If I were to get pedals w/ that price limit, I’d get the Trailmix’s. But what I really want are some Kona Wah Wah’s ($80 US).

Ive tried the Kona’s/ they are insane. they grip so incredibly well, but DONT pedal grab. they are thin, and my friend bent one just BMX grinding on em.

Wellgo B37s, cheap, strong, sealed, soo grippy, light, only 17 oz, an yeah. I love them.

Been real happy with mine.

so no one uses snafu pedals?

I had some on my beginer uni (other pedals broke)… they killed your shines, and they killed my shoes…

Weird. Ive had a set of Konas for maybe 4 years now. I constently did grabs with them, and wrecking and missing ledges and yeah, put them through every pedal abuse they can go through on a uni, and they are still fine.

Ive already smashed most of the pins on my Snafus, so ill switch those out soon.

Anyways, Snafus are great, its what ive been riding on quite a bit, as with Kona jackshits and Tiogas.

im not picky with metal pedals though. I go into the shop, find a $20-$20 with a good ammount/longish pins, and buy them.

These are definitely my favourite metal pedals. I use them for muni, trials and grinding. They’ve got great grip, plenty of pins, they’re big, lighter than snafu’s and Jim C’s, and they’re cheap!