What are the best pedals?

I ride alot of trials–A little street- And currently have Snafu platform pedals-but wondering if there is something better out there…? I do a lot of pedal grabs, would that affect the pedals I should get?

Id say Jim Cs they are goodl pedal grabs, wont break, not too grippy, good for grining, and everything else

yeah you haven’t heard yet but justins not as good pair broke today. and it was from just riding. so apperently they suck:D .
no actually they are really good though. he didn’t have them as tight as they were supposed to be so they wiggled lose and the slid apart(platform and axel).
primos are also just as good though

and actually i think the title of this thread should be “what is the best way to use the search funtion?”
and the answer is to click the search button (up above) and then type in whatever you are searching for

jimmy c’s.

Justin was riding metal pedals?

For metal pedals I use Factory of Madness. Never had any problems with them. I only bent a pin once, don’t know how.

But I’ve been using cheap plastic pedals lately. They’re great!

Odessey Celencki, Animal Hamilton or Haro Sole Mate. All the same classic design. Slightly different weights.

sealed bearing pedals

What you are willing to pay is a different question then what you asked.
If you pay max dollar for titanium or mag platforms, and spindles, you won’t want to throw those good parts out when the bearings fail (as they will).
So top pedals will come with replaceable sealed bearings. Do a google search of your pedal’s bearing #, and order a 10 tube of spare bearings from an online supplier such as this for about 25 $

Cheaper pedals have non sealed, none replaceable bearings not so much because the sealed bearing is expensive (they are $2.50 each), but because the pedal is so cheap that the customer would rather throw the whole thing away and put on new pedals instead of learning to fix something.
The best pedal is obviously the titanium ones. The best pedal for you depends on your price point. Sadly , even the best ti pedals can be bashed to crap. There is a lot to be said for the good but cheap unsealed pedal.

Cheaper pedals are ‘unsealed’ with loose ball bearings. You can replace these, just the same as with sealed cartridge bearings.

The advantage of sealed bearings is that they run slightly smoother to start with. In theory the bearings last a little longer too. However, on a unicycle, the way we ride tends to put big side loads on the bearings (assuming you hop sideways or drop the unicycle on the pedals ever).

What this means is that sealed bearing pedals have a tendency for the bearings to explode, which means the pedals then fly off the bearings. It also means the bearings don’t last nearly as long as they would on a bike.

I’ve had 2 sets of very expensive sealed bearing pedals, but in the end, I’ve gone back to unsealed for all my unicycles. They last longer, require less maintenance, and never fail in a way that leaves you stranded on a ride. Not to mention costing a third of the price. If they start getting scritchy, bung some grease in them, make sure they’re tight, and they’re back to good as new again. Sealed bearing pedals just aren’t designed for unicycles, they’re a waste of money, you pay more for reduced performance.


Are you sure about that Joe ?

“Cheaper pedals are ‘unsealed’ with loose ball bearings. You can replace these, just the same as with sealed cartridge bearings”- Joe M
If you can post a link where one may buy a new "loose " pedal bearing online I will admit I am wrong:p
I doubt it though. Sure, you can buy new balls. Replacing just the balls is a waste of time, the races (surface the balls run on) will be shot if the balls are.
You can find a much higher quality platform (light- strong- ti-magnesium ) in the sealed design. The pedal maker can use better materials at the higher price point.:smiley:
I have been familiar with sealed bearings in motorcycle wheels for many years.
Being stranded on the road sucks. It is standard practice to check the bearings every tire change. I “feel” the bearing as a rotate it with my finger. I have never waited for a bearing to "go bad ". If it feels even the tinniest bit sticky it is replaced.
My impression of the stories of sealed bearing pedals that fall off the spindle, is that these pedals should have had their bearings replaced a bit sooner !:smiley:
You are right about high side loads in uni being hard on pedal bearings. Bearing failure should still take a while.
Has anyone had a sealed pedal "explode ", with new bearings in it ? :thinking: I’m sure anything is possible, yet normally, bearings get loose feeling and noisey, while they still have a few knocks left in them.
In any event, the best (lightest-strongest) pedals are of sealed design. They can be worth 100$ + if you can spare the cash, and maintain them.

my next pedal will pretty much definately be the qu-ax magnesium pedals. I mean they are dirt cheap for sealed pedals, never mind magnesium ones!

Shame about the yellow only, but i’ve wanted to redo my unicycle in yellow/orange/white for a while :smiley:

Plus i got a whole load of stuff i want to spray paint after my exams so i’ll have some fun doing that then.

Hoffman Sole Mates and Jimmy Cs are both great.

Best- cheapest way to go

Perhaps a mid price light sealed pedal like the qu-ax mag. Then make it heavy again with these.
I am using some on my muni. They are surprisingly robust and heavy rubber-plastic. They seem to reduce the most destructive type of common bash on the side. Hopefully the pedal platform will take longer to crack this way.

Umm…that’s not true. I broke a set. They have a bad design; no bridge to support the outside edge.

Jim C’s

Ahh, cool! Those Oddesy’s actually have the support thing that mine were missing. I think I was using the “twisted pro’s” and not the Jim C’s. Thanks for the clarification. They looks sweet, and i’ll have to try them.

you might not like them. you seem very into grippy pedals, which these arent.

get some drilliums.

Sure they are. They are much grippier than the one’s i took off of my qu-ax (whatever those were). And they come with extra long pins if you so wish to have super grippy pedals.

thats odd. They are practically as slick as my hoffman sole mates when the short pins are in. the long are a little better, but I think the 50-50s are grippier than them.

no, Brian cameron was, but they were justins pedals