What are the 26 Muni options?

I’m considering buying a 26", and it looks like the only realistic options are the Nimbus 26 and, for twice the price, the KH 26. Are there any I’m missing? Also, is it safe to assume that the Nimbus would be similar in weight to the KH if I swapped out the 3.0 tire with the 2.3 the KH comes with?

Hi, there are a few more options of 26" munis. Qu-ax makes two types: one with alu frame and second with classic stell frame. But it depends a little on where you are located. Looks like unicycle.com doesn’t deal qu-ax at all.


You are right about swapping the tire, good idea. Duro is one kg more than WTB 26x2.3 Stout tire.
Continental Diesel 26x2.5 is also interesting tire, about 830g. Another budget-friendly way is go with some lightweight tube, for example Schwalbe AV14.

You could also put together a custom 26" muni for somewhere between the two in cost (especially if you already have some of the parts). This is what I did a few months ago with a Nimbus frame, 32 hole ISIS hub, Trial Tech Race 47mm rim (heavier than the KH rim but lighter and wider than the Nimbus 42mm rim for not much more money), Continental Trail King 2.4 (actual width around 2.6"), KH saddle and seatpost, and 150mm Moments. It weighs right about 14lbs.

The Duro 26x3 is heavy but the Nimbus frame is about 1lb heaver than the KH frame and the rim is a bit heavier as well. I decided that lightening the rotating weight of the rim/tire would be more effective then spending the extra money for the KH frame.