What are the 10 stages of unicycling

i know what they are meaning the level of your ability, but i cant find them on the net anymore and i really want to know what the things i need to da are. i think i might be a lvl 2
not sure
ive just really been teaching myself since i got it a month ago (id already done some uni at school for sport, by the end i could ride about 50m and turn) but since then im able to freemount, hop up gutters, doublehop to 180, its real fun.
help a noob out?

Hi, welcome to the forums.
i too had trouble finding info on skill levels when i started uni’in but that was awhile back so there probably was less info about it then anyway,
this should help or this, hope thats what your looking for.


very few people seem to bother with levels though, and not just because they only apply to freestyle.


Or use the search feature.

The REAL 10 levels.

Hahaha level 10 is hilarious.

That is great! Very funny, and makes me feel a little better about my unicycling abilities!

yay I’m level 8! : D

I got confused when I read the title. I knew about the 10 LEVELS and I’ve even seen the REAL 10 LEVELS before but when I saw ‘STAGES’ I immediately thought about stuff like the 6 stages of dealing with death or the stages of alcoholism or drug abuse or stuff like that. So, here are my 10 ‘stages’ of unicycling:

  1. Excitement: from the anticipation of learning a new skill.
  2. Determination: that with enough practice, you’ll get it.
  3. Exhaustion: from trying and trying and trying again.
  4. Frustration: No matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to get that first 50 meters.
  5. Elation: when you finally conquer that one wheeled devil.
  6. Denial: You’ve been riding a week and then you kinda ‘forget’ your balance.
  7. Euphoria: OK, you’ve overcome your little setback and you can really RIDE that thing.
  8. Curiosity: Now that you can ride, just what else can you do with that thing?
  9. Pain: OK, sometimes you don’t ‘stick it’ and nut yourself on the stair rail.
  10. Confidence: Now you feel that you’ve truly mastered something that very few others have.