what are some good unicycle gloves

what are some good unicycle goloves with finger and wrist support. are kris holm’s the only ones? does 661 make some good ones? thanks

Harbingers are good.

thatnks. what kind of harbringers?

I like Triple Eight Hired Hands.

motocross gloves / mountainbike gloves

I use Salomon wrist guards from a snowboard shop. They were quite cheap, they are comfortable, and they have done their duty many many times.

They have a mesh side guard, a small sweat-wiping pad onthe back, and plastic moulded splints to protect the palms and wrists.

I am certain they have prevented serious injuries more than once.

Gloves are better than nothing, but that’s all. When I did a faster than I could run diving dismount from my Coker, I peeled a pair of cycling gloves right back to my wrists. I’ve used wrist gurards ever since.

any mountain bikeing gloves are fine i have found nothing special but stops cuts

i wear some 661 dirt jumping gloves. i like them better than mtn bike gloves because they’re long fingered and don’t have the padded palm/fingers. i think that padding gets in the way on the uni.

I wear Harbingers… they have great protection for you palms and lots of support for your wrists. They are open-fingered, which I like, but some people don’t. These gloves are very cool; my hands don’t get hot at all.

UDC has a lot of choices, as do bike shops. Check around and get what you like.


the kh gloves arent that gr8, i dont know about the harbinger, but long fingers are always better, u can get bike gloves and a soft wrist wrap at any bike shop should be fairly cheap

Re: what are some good unicycle gloves

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> any mountain bikeing gloves are fine i have found nothing special but
> stops cuts

I find that seams running down the palm of the glove rip easily after
repeated falls. For example, I have a pair of Specialized Fortress
gloves [http://www.specialized.com/bc/SBCEqProduct.jsp?spid=9970] that
split open after a few months of riding (though my friendly shoe
repairman was able to repair them with big leather patches). Look for
solid palms if you want durability. In case it matters, most of the
abuse came from learning skills on pavement, where I fall a lot but
rarely hard.

Also few, if any, mountain bike gloves offer wrist protection.

I like the KH gloves which I usually use for offroad unicycling.

Can’t help you regarding the Harbingers. I only wear full fingered
gloves since hitting my fingertips hard against the underside of the
seat is a problem for me.


i’m wondering how long these oakley si assault gloves would last,carbon fiber knuckles??


I ride with Fox Sidewinder gloves (that’s what they are called) but just go for anything you like by Fox. They have never let me down and they are good quality… Other gloves are cheaper but worn out too fast.

Are your Salomon Gloves the ones with removable plastic splints? I use to ride with those gloves/wristsguards but they where useless compared with the new KH gloves (in terms of wrist protection). When I fell and landed on my palms I got hurt everytime and you know how long it lasts when you start with wrist problems…
With the KH gloves, I experimented several backward UPD landed on palms (though 15 years of judo should have taught me this is VERY BAD:( ) and it never hurts.

best gloves…

I find these very easy to grab the seat with, and excellent cushioning upon impact…

let’s try that attachment again…

a little hot in warm weather, though…