What are 'idles' and 'wheel walking'?

I’m fairly new to unicycling and have never heard these terms before. What are they?


if you dont know what something is, go to the bottom of the page and type it into the search. or search on google.

Idling is rolling back and forth so that you stay on your unicyle in a stationary position.

Wheel walking is when you move your feet onto the top of the wheel instead of the pedals, and move the unicycle by pusing (Walking) your feet across the top of the wheel.

I’m sure there are videos of both in the gallary somewhere.

P.S: I can’t do either yet.

There are some explanations of the skills that are in the 10 skill levels for freestyle unicycling are here:
IUF Skill Level list
Unicycling.org Skill Level List

Unfortunately those lists only cover the skills that are part of the skill levels and the lists don’t describe every skill involved. However, the lists do have some good descriptions of some of the skills involved.

Tammy and Tanya Marsh have a nice unicycling skills page with descriptions of some skills.
Tammy’s and Tanya’s Uni Page

If you want to see the skills being done then get the video One Wheel - No Limit. It’s not an instructional video. It’s more of a demonstration video of lots of different skills. You’ll see lots of skills done and then go “Wow! I never thought of trying that before. I’m going to try that now”.