what are great flat cranks

im looking for big surface area cranks (width) tell me whacha think.

Moments. Qu-Ax street. Koxx-one street.

k1 street
kris holm/onza 05 cranks
Kris holm moments with rollo disks

for static flat
Kris holm sym cranks

Koxx One - Isis Street 135 !

what is that?

Ententions for Moments.

never seen rolo disk … pretty sure there not on udc canada any links?

They made a few, but took them out of production because the ISIS bolts were not long enough, Kris is getting 23mm bolts made, compared to the 18mm I think of all ISIS crank bolts.

Koxx Street Cranks are amazing for flat!

Double that !!! Slap some grip tape on those bad boys and you’ll be flatlanding in no time.

kh kranks on udc america with a weird extension out the back.

SYM cranks? I think they would be really bad for rolly flat, but super awesome for static flat.:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah… ive only seen one guy on the foras with some, and he said he used them for trial :frowning:

I use Kris Holm without rollos and they aren’t that bad.
Once rollos are back on stock I will buy a pair.

yeah I also don’t find them bad… :stuck_out_tongue:
can you trial with rolo disks? :roll_eyes:
when the answer is ‘yes’ ,
I also will buy a pair :smiley:

yeah, you can do trials, it Just might get in the way a bit, but not that much.

No one has mentioned any square tapered cranks yet.

Super cheap United cranks have a very square profile and are OK for flat, but Prowheels have more room to stand and are much lighter, plus I find transitions out of things easier with the outward flare.

KH Moments with rollo disks are only a little bit better I think, but you can do street/trials with them too.