what are better trials? bedford or nimbus?

basically im just look frame and rim 19inch? whats more tougher/lighter?

IgnoreDepends what Bedford you buy.

A Nimbus with moments is 380-ish

Nimbus is probably the best you can get for the price…Ignore

A Nimbus frame takes 25.4 seatposts, + it has machined bearing holders.

The bedford frame is 22.2, and has the main cap bearings, Its a no brainer.

As for the rim, Id say go Nimbus, Its 42~ mms wide, wich is pretty cool…

your question was really weird…

whats more stronger/lighter

If you want to get a strong and light uni that will hold up to drops/hard trails Darren Bedford will tell you to get a KH or at least a bedford frame with a KH wheelset.

It all comes down to how much money you can spend, and Kris Holm stuff is expensive but worth it for strength/weight/dependability. If you can break it Darren will replace it if it’s a reasonable.

Sorry if you have a preference for something else or don’t like/can’t afford KH stuff but you get what you pay for if you ask me.


I’m gunna say nimbus is your best bet man. If you put moments on it then you’ve got a solid machine. And now that the frames are starting to get painted you get a sexy uni for next to nothing.

I myself rode a nimbus trials with the moments upgrade and loved it! No problems, as of now, basically the same set just with the KH 08 wheel set.

I’m saying go nimbus! You won’t regret it…

koxx unis are half off right now go with one of those. www.k-124house.com

problem with k1 is that therte expensive and since there in uk or Europe shipping would be a b*tch and i was leaning towards a signature series nimbus with moments but just want to through bedford into the mix…


ignore what and i dont really see why this is a werid question its just i have never bought a trails i have been into 36ers and 29er muni : D

i don’t like the nimbus rim being 42mm… it folds way more than the KH at 47?mm

… shouldn’t make a difference till you are doing 4 or 5 foot sidehops

Highlight what I posted…

In your question I was not sure you were talking about a whole Uni or just a rim and a frame, looks like other people too see this both ways.

Personally, I would go to Bedford Unicycles, and I’m sure Darren could hook you up with something, plus it’s good to support him especially if your in his area.

But a Nimbus trials would also be good, but you’ll get a better quality unicycle from Darren, and if you have problems, just get him to take a look at it, and he’ll fix it.

Bedford is great :slight_smile:


i live like 30 or 15 mins from u isaac so yes i am close to him

Im with J man, i haven’t had much experience with bedford unicycles so i can’t compare them. But the nimbus are super strong and light. The frames are sweet, and very narrow at the top so you don’t hit your knees (big highlight considering im a trials rider).

With the new signature stuff you can get some cool colors as well. its the best of both worlds (strength and good looking).

Plus the rim is wide enough, at 42 MM it is plenty to ensure your not going to fold under your tire. More so if you run the right tire and at a decent PSI.

Thats my two cents.


Darren Bedford will discuss with you what type of riding you want to do on it, and show you what you need for it. If you don’t want to spend as much, then yes he can sell you cheaper options, but he will never sell crap that will break. And he will replace things that break unless it’s unreasonable.

It’s also a real unicycle shop, a unicycle specific store you can walk into, not some mail order company halfway across the country or in the states. You can go see and touch what you want. At least go see him before trying other options.

I’m sorry to preach Bedford soo heavily, but he has great service thats hard to find in a market so small


Well this has grown more then which unicycle is good for this rider. I would like to point out that the rider has asked about which cycle would be good for his needs and no one has asked what type of riding or any thing.

I feel I have to point out a few things:
Unicycle.com Canada is a Canadian store run by Canadian Staff.
We are a REAL unicycle shop which customers can and do visit -Ben PLease come down and visit our store and touch the unicycles. - We also have a killer web site which makes it easy for customers to order from.
We make all kinds of cycles in a wide range of prices -
We also replace & fix things - unless it is unreasonable.

Our company is growning but really that is a good thing in a market place with over 30millon people.

To answer the riders question which one is better:

That is a matter of personal tastes and I encourage the rider to look at the Features of each cycle he is trying to compair - If the rider can find what he is looking for close to his house then go for it.

Bedford does offer great service - so do we.

udc Canada

UDC Canada

Yes I would love to go touch your unicycles (Ha ha) But yeah that would be a long drive. I thought I was trying to say he needs to discuss what riding he will be doing on the uni to say whats best. Also the reason I was describing the shop was because this guy lives close to the Toronto area.

Good to hear you have a real physical Canadian shop as well, and I agree that you do have good service at municycle.ca. Every town needs a unicycle shop, it’s my dream job.

It would be good if more shops had unicycles - then more people would see them and more people would ride.


Same problem.

I have the same problem i dont have enough moner for a KH but i could afford a K1 devil, or i could get a Nimbus Trials for $300+$30 for 137mm moments and on UDC they include a KH fusion street saddle. For $350 shipped but i could spend $450 for the devil i want. Soo Im in a pickle. Please help! :thinking: :astonished:

Get the nimbus with moments, cheaper and better IMO.

i only need 50 more bucks then i will order my uni from UDC canada. even though i could order from UDC america i belive pete would get me a better uni for less, and the prices on his site proove it. :slight_smile:

The UDC Canadian website gives me an uncomfortable feeling for the following reasons:

  1. They claim to be the largest in Canada. How do they know? Is it by square feet of floor space, number of unicycles? Are they including what might be called “virtual unicycles” shipped from US stock? Darren Bedford has an impressive shop in Toronto. Is the UDC Canada shop bigger than that?
  2. They claim exclusive dealership for KH. This is certainly not true. Darren Bedford has had a long relationship with Kris Holm. I bought a KH29 from Darren last year.

Shop size is not all that important, but a claims on a website should be valid.

Well you could have emailed me personally with your concerns but since we are doing this on the forum - here I will attempt to answer your concerns.

As far as we can tell we are the largest unicycle store in Canada - If a different retailer would provide us with numbers to compare then I guess we could compare better.

  • We carry more unicycle products & brands than any other retailer in Canada.
  • Total numbers of cycles - again as far as we can tell. – Our stock is not ‘virtual’ and we deal direct with the factories to bring the best pricing to the public. At times we have well over 500 cycles.
  • Also remember all companies are going to say they are a good source.

UDC Canada did not say we are the only dealership for KH product. But we did say “We are the Exclusive Canadian Distributors for the fallowing Manufacturers and Products” - which means we wholesale these brands in Canada to other shops (bike shops) for the Manufacture (ie Kris Holm). Kris and me talk regularly, and he has many times expressed that he would like to see his product wholesaled to more shops in Canada. There are many shops already that are a dealer or retailer of Kris Holm Product.

UDC & Kris Holm have a very unique business arrangement that in the end provides the customer with top quality product at the best price. Kris Holm Unicycles has chosen to work with Unicycle.com, and it has been a great treat to work with him.

It is too bad that you have an uneasy feeling, and decided to post it publicly online. Maybe you could phone me up and discuss things first next time. Also while we’re on the topic please don’t assume where or how our product is from or how our company is run, just ask. Our web site is accurate.