what am I doing wrong? ww

Hey guys,

not sure if this should go in video, but whatever,

I was wondering if you guys would tell me what I’m doing wrong on my wheel walking

Also, when you tell me what I did wrong, please say specific attempts so I can watch as well

If the driveway is sloped try ww uphill rather than downhill. It is easier to keep control when going up a slight grade rather than down.


You need longer foot pushes. The foot pushes should go toe to heel, toe to heel, toe to heel.

Start at the top of the tire (as near to the crown as you can manage) with the toes on the tire. Push forward. Extend the push till the back of the heel is on the tire.

When the heel of the right foot is on the tire (at the end of the push) start the left foot with the left toes up near the crown of the tire. Now that the left toes are on the tire you can remove the right foot from the tire. In this manner you will always have a foot in contact with the tire so you can keep control.

Continue like that. Toe to heel, toe to heel, toe to heel.

It is always one foot in front of the other. Never should both feet be beside each other. Think of the tire as being skinny. Like walking a tight rope.

One foot in front of the other. Toe to heel. Long pushes.

Looks like you are doing realy well, not much looks wrong. If your driveway is sloped like it looks in your video I would also sugest either trying it in the direction or finding some flat ground to try it on. Keep on practicing, it does take a very long time to master.

You’re doing pretty well, and you’re leaning back enough. Try doing it on a gentle uphill or atleast on flat and you’ll have it in no time. Try and control the speed of the wheel with your heels and don’t go too fast. That’s what worked for me. But it will probably take many hours to be able to do it really well so just keep practising.

Yeah, longer strides definitely, and lean back more.

BTW, how are those qu-ax cranks working out with the nimbus?

What you’re doing wrong is…you wasted time making this video when you could be out practicing…
Keep leaning back but try to just step off if you’re falling too far back instead falling on your buttocks,
There isn’t much we can tell you though…

Yeah looks good. Best advice is from John Childs. Upslope is easier than downslope. That will cure most of your ills. Then make sure your feet don’t crowd each other. Always leave a space between heel and toe. The toe provides the power, and the heel is the brakes. To keep from going too fast, use your heels as they go down the front. The back corner of your shoe has plenty of grip, though your hamstring muscles, in general, aren’t very strong for this trick.

Oh. Also practice falling off to the rear without landing like that. Get your feet around and back to catch you. Around means not straght back, where they may catch on the pedals…

+1. I highly recommend this! I owned myself so many times when the pedals collected my leg and I got thrown on my back. Make sure you let the unicycle go between your legs when you fall off the back or if it’s a major problem take the pedals off.

Slow down and Practice

The slower you go with WW the more control you have. If you feel that you are going to fall left or right turn to the direction of the fall. You are looking pretty good keep on practicing and it should come naturally.