What am I doing wrong-still stands

basically said in the title, what am I doing wrong? I really want to get better?


Well you shouldn’t be practicing on a down sloped skinny. Just practice on like a flat 2 by 4 or just the ground. Also your not devoting yourself to sticking it. I find I do the same thing you do when I’m not 100% focused. You’ll know your focused when you do everything in your right mind to stay on the uni. Sometimes I’ll be leaned all the way over to one side, about to fall off, but still trying to hold it. Just go back at it in a little bit when your calmer and more relaxed.

Don’t worry I’ve been unicycling a year and have a vert of 90 cm and I’m not much better than you at still stands…I’ve practiced a lot I just can’t seem to get much better

Practice practice. The more you think about it, the more you will fall. Wipe your mind clean and let your body do the work. I’ve gotten over a minute long stillstands just because I was calm. That is why riding rails is so hard at first: the mental aspect throws you off. It really isn’t that hard when you tell you brain to shut up and let the muscles do the rest.

Also, practice on a straight skinny, both crank positions.

Happy riding, hope this helps.

I’ve noticed a big problem is that I can do a long still stand if I mount hold onto a pole, then let go. But when I have to still stand straight from a mount, I’m horrible, ANy Tips?

Practice is all it really is.

Squeeze your knees together. That’s what helps me a lot, but then again my seats right at the seatclamp.

You aren’t doing anything wrong… You are practicing, and nobody can give you any advice better than telling you to practice… Through trial and error your body will eventually pick it up eventually… I’m surprised so many people have been asking for textual help with tricks and manuevers lately.

Just practice. A few more days of what you posted, and your standstills will be much better.